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INDONESIA | Friday, 22 August 2014 | Views [414]

We clambered over the rocks beneath our bungalow this morning & hopped straight into the sea.  We snorkeled from 9:30-1:30.  We saw:


A Spotted Eagle Ray.  The biggest sea creature we’ve seen so far.

A turtle

5 tiny squid

An octopus changing colour from purple to the colour of the brown rock that was behind it.

Big lobster

Fish pushing over small rocks to look underneath them for food.

A baby Nemo fish

Another Stone Fish.

A fish & a squid living in a symbiotic relationship for food, shelter & protection, keeping house together in a little hole dug & maintained by the squid.


We bumped into Raikhan & Rahmi & their kids & we sat in the shallows chatting.  I am SO excited about volunteering for 3 months teaching English.  We will see what happens…  We snorkeled for another 2 hours & afterwards we all hung out together at Yulia’s Restaurant for dinner & sunset.


After all this time snorkeling (6 hours today), I’m beginning to feel more at home in the water than I am on land.  On land I feel awkward, heavy & clumsy.  In the water we are weightless & drift gently with the current, watching the piscine documentary that occurs right in front of our eyes.

Dave snorkelling with a rainbow at Iboih, Sabang.  (Pulau Weh).

Dave snorkelling with a rainbow at Iboih, Sabang. (Pulau Weh).

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