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When Primates Go Bad

INDONESIA | Friday, 23 July 2010 | Views [893] | Comments [2]

Thanks everyone for your comments!  Not enough time to respond till i get home :)

While I escaped lightly, only being peed on by an orangutan who was in the tree above me, Dave was attacked by a Pig Tailed Macaque.  Hereby known as the Macaque Attack.  We were walking along the path by the river watching a few long tailed macaques in the trees.  One on the right made a call to the others.  Just as Dave said "I wonder what that means?" the PTM ran part way up dave's leg. 

I was having instant visions of dragging Dave to the next motorcycle becak for a hairy journey to the hospital where Dave was frothing at the mouth while being injected with used needles- fast forward to his funeral.  But it wasn't all that bad.  Dave just used his crouching tiger repelling monkey manoeuvre.  We both picked up handfuls of rocks for the walk back to our bamboo shack with marauding monkeys menacingly making moves behind us.

Cheeky monkey that had just been inside our room.

Cheeky monkey that had just been inside our room.

Tags: bukit lawang, indonesia, long tailed macaque, macaque, monkey, pig tailed macaque, sumatra



what the hell is that noise on the roof

  dave Jul 23, 2010 3:32 PM


monkeys getting up to shenanigans

  adventurers Aug 3, 2010 4:31 PM



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