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Our 2nd Elephant Trek

INDONESIA | Saturday, 24 July 2010 | Views [1461] | Comments [3]

Yesterday we did our 2nd elephant trek. Our mahoot pointed to the ground where there had been a tiger's footprint in the mud 'several days ago'. (Dave is now on a computer beside me looking up tigers attacking elephants on utube hmmm...) This print is about 500 metres from our guesthouse and 300metres from where Dave & I had walked alone in the jungle behind the waterfall. Wont be doing that again :) We rode Tao, the only male elephant of the six elephants here in Tangkahan, Sumatra. He is 20 years old. He was being being bitten by horseflies while we were on his back. Our mahoot snapped off 2 small branches to use as fly swats for Tao. Obviously we weren't going a good enuf job because Tao snapped off his own branch and swatted himself with much more force than we had been using! Both Dave & I copped a horsefly bite, so we just swatted ourselves after that! 

Our mahoot was chatting away to me in Bahasa. He told me he has been to Melbourne Zoo & later gave me the mobile phone numbers of 4 of the zoo keepers there. Ele, ranga & gorilla keepers. So we will go to melb zoo & take them photos & say hi from him.

Dave scrubbed all of Tao's feet later in the river. I have awesome video footage. It was soooo special. I got totally soaked by a cheeky ele spraying me from her trunk :)  Afterwards, we went to our mahoot's house & met his wife & child and his friend wove a bracelet onto my wrist. I hope whatever plant it is passes customs! Then we played badminton with them. Quite badly! Afterwards we ate dinner alfresco, jungle style, chatting with Netherlanders while watching monkey silhouettes leaping from tree to tree.

Our mahoots & our ele's in Tangkahan!

Our mahoots & our ele's in Tangkahan!

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i even said as we walked up the creek after walking around the waterfall
"wow were in the jungle with wild orangs elles tigers and cloud leopards and huge reticulated pythons no one knows where we are how awesome"
the tiger it seams must have crossed the creek we were on, and perhaps even drunk from it,maybe it was watching us from the thick jungle ......don't get off the boat... dont get off the boat

  dave Jul 24, 2010 4:12 PM


I can't beleive what you two are up to . Sounds so special to be in tiger country.
Great to meet the locals - I am sure they can see that you two are switched on and need the insiders sight seeing tour. take care and get off the boat Dave,get off the boat. If you see a tiger just do your killer orangutang impersonation with the flip and scare it away!!!

  chris Jul 25, 2010 8:31 PM


Thanks Chris :) Dave did his orangutan impersonation (sans flip) for a group of kids in a tiny town & they giggled with delight. It was better executed than poor Lu's personal performance ;)

  adventurers Aug 3, 2010 4:20 PM



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