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Crusty Demons of dirt. Story by Dave

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 28 July 2010 | Views [1818]

Imagine 2 hours sitting on the most uncomfy seat you've ever sat on.  Next, make that seat even narrower & on the back of a motorbike. Then picture the worst road you've ever been down which included such highlights as:

*long sections of river stones the size of your fist.

*inumerable puddles the size of swimming pools & of unfathomable depth

*long mud sections (complete with wild boar)

*fast sections over blind crests/around blind corners

*dodgy timber bridges like u only see in 'developing nations' or in kindy sand pits

*oncoming trucks/buses & meandering cattle on the narrowest sections

Just like the Paris to Dakar except all of this on stripped down postie bikes with bald tyres & palm frond rear mud flap.  Foot pegs, drooping metal spikes & no helmets.

Highlight - stubborn refusal to give way resulting in near collision where i ended up off the bike nearly being cleaned up from behind by Berni's driver.

*Berni's blind corner overtake, near collision with another bike

*the drag race once hit the first, last & only stretch of bitumen on a road as busy as Hastings Street Noosa on a school holiday saturday. 

All to save two hours on the bus!

Palm frond mud guard!

Palm frond mud guard!

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