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Italia da sola

Day 50: Sunrise in Palermo. Sunset in New York.

USA | Sunday, 27 Oct 2013 | Views [493]

It was a long & exhausting journey back to Charleston. A walk to the bus station in Palermo @ 5am, hour long bus ride, hour long plane ride to Rome, mad rush through passport check to get to the next flight-9.5 hours to New York, picking up ... Read more >

Day 49: Ciao Cefalu'

ITALY | Saturday, 26 Oct 2013 | Views [263]

I took my last train today, to Cefalu', a lovely town on the coast which is dominated by a huge mountainous rock, called "la Rocca." The view from the train coming in is spectacular, with the old town hugging the sea, towered over by the Duomo, and ... Read more >

Day 48: Monreale, le catacombe, e una chiesa incompleta

ITALY | Friday, 25 Oct 2013 | Views [335]

I started the day early, thinking I could fit Monreale & the catacombs into the morning, since both the duomo & the catacombs close  @ 12:30 . However, I had to deal with buses and that always seems to mess with my plan. 7 weeks in Italy ... Read more >

Day 47: All parts of Palermo

ITALY | Thursday, 24 Oct 2013 | Views [510]

I walked all over Palermo today. This morning I spent visiting 2 other markets-Vucciria, which is the most well known, but very small, & Capo, which was mostly clothing & household items, not very exciting. I found the church of San Giovanni ... Read more >

Day 45&46 : Pigging out in Palermo

ITALY | Wednesday, 23 Oct 2013 | Views [502]

I arrived in Palermo yesterday (yes, after all that stress). I traveled all day, and feasted too much. I had a large breakfast in Salerno, thinking I wouldn't eat all day, Luca even sent me with some croissants for the road. I arrived early at the bus ... Read more >

Day 44: Paestum

ITALY | Monday, 21 Oct 2013 | Views [445]

I took an impromptu trip to Paestum today. Had a nice breakfast from Luca, my B&B host-bread, cheese, croissant, tomatoes, coffee. I drank almost all the coffee, he went to pour himself a cup and only got a few drops "Vanessa, you like coffee?" ... Read more >

Day 43: To Salerno, via sea

ITALY | Sunday, 20 Oct 2013 | Views [310]

I had to leave Villa Sofia in Nocelle this morning, sad because it was so lovely there & the family was so sweet. Luciana, the host, helped me with my bag-put it on a lift that carried it to the top of the road so I wouldn't have to go up stairs.... Read more >

Day 42: From coast to cliffs

ITALY | Saturday, 19 Oct 2013 | Views [258]

Up @7:30 this morning, but I still waited for the  10:50  bus. No way will I skip a big inclusive breakfast & good coffee! Plus it's the only time of the day I get wifi! I waited in Positano for the next bus toward Amalfi ( bought groceries ... Read more >

Day 41: Amalfi & Ravello

ITALY | Friday, 18 Oct 2013 | Views [231]

The Amalfi coast is insanely beautiful. But, getting around with public transportation sucks. It would be ideal if you had a scooter or rented a car (if you're brave) or just took a boat everywhere. The bus rides can be enjoyable, but I feel like I ... Read more >

Day 40: Dazed & confused in Positano

ITALY | Thursday, 17 Oct 2013 | Views [281]

Lots of waiting for buses today, so I didn't do much of anything. Waited over an hour for the bus from Nocelle to Positano, went down to the port & walked around a little, tried to find my NY friends @ the beach but no luck. So I walked along the ... Read more >

Day 39: In the middle of nowhere in Nocelle

ITALY | Wednesday, 16 Oct 2013 | Views [279]

I took a bus to Positano from Sorrento, then had to wait an hour in Positano for a bus to Nocelle (which isn't even really a town, maybe a few buildings but not much here). It was raining, I got soaked, and I was approached by some Italian guy who kept ... Read more >

Day 38: su e giu' a Capri

ITALY | Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013 | Views [369]

I'm on a hydrofoil to Capri today. I have a feeling its going to be a kitschy, overpriced tourist trap. But the island looks beautiful & I want to explore it, so we'll see.   For some reason I was under the impression that Capri was ... Read more >

Day 37: Sweet Sorrento

ITALY | Monday, 14 Oct 2013 | Views [266]

I am in Sorrento today. Wow what a nice change of pace. I barely caught the train from Napoli, and it was packed. But the ride was nice & the view was lovely. We passed by Vesuvius, you can see where it forms a crater on top. The train goes all ... Read more >

Day 36: Exploring Napoli

ITALY | Sunday, 13 Oct 2013 | Views [317] | Comments [1]

Kind of weird spending your birthday alone in a foreign place, & Napoli to top it off. A little lonely I suppose, but it didn't really feel like my birthday (though I did get a nice video from my family :). I spent the morning wandering the streets ... Read more >

Day 35: Art, Slums, & the Dead

ITALY | Saturday, 12 Oct 2013 | Views [2080]

Got lost, in the rain, in the rough part of Napoli. And this morning things were going so smoothly. I waited around to see if the rain would clear before leaving the hostel, but no, so i went out with my weenie umbrella, found the bus stop for the R4, ... Read more >

Day 34: Napoli

ITALY | Friday, 11 Oct 2013 | Views [272]

Transportation went fairly smooth this a.m. despite a demonstration @ the train station blocking all traffic. Packed train to Napoli. I spent the 2.5 hr ride enjoying the landscape;  old ruins just outside of Rome,  lots of farms & mountains.... Read more >

Day 33: No agenda, Italy has other plans

ITALY | Thursday, 10 Oct 2013 | Views [274]

I was planning on taking a day trip to Tivoli today, but after yesterday I really wanted to explore Rome more. I didn't plan enough time here to do both, so since Tivoli would mean having to deal with buses & trains, I chose to spend the day getting ... Read more >

Day 32: Roma

ITALY | Wednesday, 9 Oct 2013 | Views [373]

I thought it would be nice to start the day out visiting St. Peter's since it's fairly close to the hostel. I got there & there was a massive crowd, all waiting for the Pope, who was scheduled to arrive shortly. I must be following him, or he's ... Read more >

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Day 31: Arrival in Rome

ITALY | Tuesday, 8 Oct 2013 | Views [194]

Wild, going from tranquil Perugia with its country views of rolling green hills, to busy, traffic-jammed, gritty Rome. 3 hr train ride, followed by a packed bus, and then a walk along the Tevere to my hostel. My back is not happy tonight. After checking ... Read more >

Day 30: Pilgrimage to Assisi

ITALY | Monday, 7 Oct 2013 | Views [514]

I got really lucky with the weather today. It rained this morning, but by midday the sun came out and it was beautiful-made for a wonderful day in Assisi. The bus from the train station was very easy (unlike Spoleto), probably because it sees far more ... Read more >

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