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Oakley to London to Paris to Niort in 2 Days

Wednesday, 2 Oct 2013 | Views [268]

Yes get your maps out and just see how far we travelled in two days or really it was in about 26 hours and you will all see that we truly are AMAZING TRAVELLERS toot toot.  We are actually not that amazing but here is the story anyhow.  ... Read more >

Tags: train travel is great

Photos: Tour of UK and France 2013

Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | Photo Gallery

It was a trip 4 years in the making but now we are doing it and loving it. Go Us!
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50th Wedding Anniversary

Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | Views [382]

So we left the dull surrounds of London for the bright lights of Oakley or have we got that the wrong way around, no matter we went to Oakley to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary with Maureen and Joe.  We call them our second parents for they ... Read more >

London What Is There To Do?

Sunday, 22 Sep 2013 | Views [299]

5 nights in London hety so what are we going to do?  We had no real plans but thought that considering that we were in one of the biggest cities in the world that we should be able to spend our time in a way that is both constructive and fun so ... Read more >

Tags: london

And So It Starts

Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 | Views [244]

With a pile of cleaning and general running around and with one of us , Tara having to work.  Yep Friday was a busy day that was highlighted with having lunch with KB, eating Marios Pizza while drinking Cape Mentel Zinfandel with Manno and by spending ... Read more >

Tags: flights

Righto This is My Last One Just About Me

Saturday, 25 Jun 2011 | Views [174]

OK so I think that I got up to Friday where I was sad sitting in an empty house with no wife, dog or cat and not enough time to watch football or drink nearly enough beer.  Well that continued on Saturday with the hours disappearing away under the vacuum, ... Read more >

One More Sleep

Friday, 24 Jun 2011 | Views [258]

OK I stuffed up last night and forgot to write I am very sorry but it was a night where I really did not want to do anything but sit on my bum and do nothing and that is what I did.  It was the end of a heavy week but now it is over and I can start to ... Read more >

One More Day Of Work

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011 | Views [176]

Yep only tomorrow and I will be on the downhill run to Paris, via some cleaning, and daughter dropping off in Mandurah with the parents.  No we do not actually have a daughter but to us something just as good a dog named Rooby and she is very dear us.... Read more >

Hey Tara is having a good time.

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011 | Views [165]

But unfortunately I am not, getting sick of work, want to be out of there and not winding down as I should be.  Right that is enough of the moaning time to be positive.  It's Tuesday which means I only have two days left and I rearranged my hair cut to ... Read more >

Happy 71st Dad and Tara Starts The Tour

Monday, 20 Jun 2011 | Views [191]

Firstly Dad congrats you have turned 71 which of course is 17 backwards....magical hey?  Well anyhow there was a dinner at my sister Allisons place but after getting out of work at 6.10 I was in no mood to do anything other than come home and sit my arse ... Read more >

Hmm What Day is It? Oh it's Sunday, great.

Sunday, 19 Jun 2011 | Views [168]

Gee it really sucks when one of you is travelling and the other is at home regardless of what hat you wear. This time around Tara is wearing the pastry eating hat and I am wearing the stay at home hat which for the most part is OK but I am missing Tara ... Read more >

Photos: Tara and Paul Photos

Friday, 17 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

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