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Niort, We Disliked You Once but Now We Love You. Part 1

FRANCE | Thursday, 3 Oct 2013 | Views [393]

It is true at the beginning of our time in Niort we did not speak glowingly of it.  For one it was a long walk from the train station to our B and B and it was warm.  That was not a great start and couple this with the fact that we were walking ... Read more >

Tags: car hire, house hunting in france, niort

Oakley to London to Paris to Niort in 2 Days

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 2 Oct 2013 | Views [269]

Yes get your maps out and just see how far we travelled in two days or really it was in about 26 hours and you will all see that we truly are AMAZING TRAVELLERS toot toot.  We are actually not that amazing but here is the story anyhow.  ... Read more >

Tags: train travel is great

Photos: Tour of UK and France 2013

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | Photo Gallery

It was a trip 4 years in the making but now we are doing it and loving it. Go Us!
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50th Wedding Anniversary

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | Views [386]

So we left the dull surrounds of London for the bright lights of Oakley or have we got that the wrong way around, no matter we went to Oakley to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary with Maureen and Joe.  We call them our second parents for they ... Read more >

London What Is There To Do?

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 22 Sep 2013 | Views [299]

5 nights in London hety so what are we going to do?  We had no real plans but thought that considering that we were in one of the biggest cities in the world that we should be able to spend our time in a way that is both constructive and fun so ... Read more >

Tags: london

And So It Starts

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013 | Views [246]

With a pile of cleaning and general running around and with one of us , Tara having to work.  Yep Friday was a busy day that was highlighted with having lunch with KB, eating Marios Pizza while drinking Cape Mentel Zinfandel with Manno and by spending ... Read more >

Tags: flights

Kerry and Skellig Rings and a New Word

IRELAND | Sunday, 14 Aug 2011 | Views [1013]

OK so the title says the Ring of Kerry but really it is more about the Skellig Ring as that, apart from driving along with the caterpillars (this is Tara and Paul speak for tour buses), we pretty much stayed on the Ring of Skellig.   This was mainly ... Read more >

The Burren and Stuff

IRELAND | Saturday, 6 Aug 2011 | Views [428]

OK a mate of ours has been banging on for years about just how great the Burren was and his name is Kim Bamblett and Kim guess what you are right.   The Burren is awesome and our stay in Lisdoonvarna showed us just how good it was.   Yep good old ... Read more >

Derry and Sligo Adventures

IRELAND | Wednesday, 3 Aug 2011 | Views [624]

Hello from cloudy but fine Kenmare quite possibly the culinary capital of the world and in real time a few weeks further along than the places that we are writing about today.  Yes we have been enjoying ourselves too much to sit on the computer and type ... Read more >

The Giants Causeway and the Tale of a Cow

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 28 Jul 2011 | Views [897]

Odd title huh well not as odd as the tale of a chased Giant who dressed up as a baby to scare off the Scottish Giants.  Yep drugs have been around for a very long time. The story goes that the Scottish Giants were so scared that a baby could be this ... Read more >

Righto We Are In Derry But This Is About Belfast

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 24 Jul 2011 | Views [317]

Yep we are falling behind a bit but this is not due to us being lazy but more because of that fact that it is light until freaking 10pm.  By the time we stop doing stuff it is just about time for bed.  Anyhow we will try and get stuff back on track from ... Read more >

London, Oakley and Cornwall watch out - here we come!

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 19 Jul 2011 | Views [448]

Righto, as Paul mentions, we've been burning the candle from both ends rather a lot.  This has only been sustainable at times with strategically placed nana naps in the late afternoon (but don't tell anyone!!!).  Caught the Eurostar from Paris to London, ... Read more >

Oh God I am Surrounded By NERDS!

FRANCE | Sunday, 10 Jul 2011 | Views [654]

Right now there is no need to get the wrong idea about all of this as I actually enjoyed it even if the majority of people were the academic types.  So of course I am talking about the Cartographic conference in Paris that I attended at the beginning ... Read more >

More Tales from the Catalan Capital

SPAIN | Sunday, 10 Jul 2011 | Views [496] | Comments [1]

Okay the Sagrada is amazing, and if you ever get the opportunity it is an awesome experience visually, architecturally and spiritually.  It is also a great way to tone up your abdominal muscles, practice avoidance of other people looking up at the vaulted ... Read more >

Barcelona 2011 Part 2

SPAIN | Tuesday, 5 Jul 2011 | Views [351]

Not quite sure where we got up to but I think that we might have had 2 days in this great city which means that it was time for the SAGRADA!! Oh yeah all of those people at Worley mark this day as soon Paul Rolfe will be archiving the 1999 photo that ... Read more >

Barcelona 2011

SPAIN | Saturday, 2 Jul 2011 | Views [463]

OK so it is nearly 6pm on our last day in Barcelona and even though we thought that we would be able to get a few comments in before now it just has not happened.  If some of you out there are unaware there is actually one or two things to do in this ... Read more >

Tara's first blog EVER!!!

FRANCE | Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011 | Views [383]

Hey everyone!  Well, I've been on hols for a bit longer than Paul and have already forgotten how to type!  I was lucky enough to have a row of seats to myself on both legs of my flight to Paris, which was fantastic as I got some great sleep.  Got into ... Read more >

Tara's French House tour

FRANCE | Sunday, 26 Jun 2011 | Views [470]

Did I mention that I'm not big on travelling by myself?  There's no-one to say 'hey, look at that!' or 'remember when...'  Anyway, less whining, more typing!  My trip to Nantes on the train was uneventful, except that getting to Gare Montparnasse on ... Read more >

Righto This is My Last One Just About Me

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 25 Jun 2011 | Views [177]

OK so I think that I got up to Friday where I was sad sitting in an empty house with no wife, dog or cat and not enough time to watch football or drink nearly enough beer.  Well that continued on Saturday with the hours disappearing away under the vacuum, ... Read more >

One More Sleep

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 24 Jun 2011 | Views [259]

OK I stuffed up last night and forgot to write I am very sorry but it was a night where I really did not want to do anything but sit on my bum and do nothing and that is what I did.  It was the end of a heavy week but now it is over and I can start to ... Read more >

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