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Travelin Tales a journey of rocks, dust and probably lots of animal poo..........

Day #11 - What goes up must come down

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 9 Oct 2019 | Views [122]

Pangboche (3990m) > Kyangjuma (3500m) And into the forrest I go to loose my mind and find my soul. We're back into the tree line, it's damp and when we past through here just a few days ago it was warmer. The temperature is definately dropping.... Read more >

Day #10 - I am in my Church

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 8 Oct 2019 | Views [96]

Thukla (4630m) > Pangboche (3990m) Today was a recouping day. Retrospective and full of quiet moments. Courts and I spent most of the day walking down down down. The realisation that our biggest days are over, is uplifting and giving us both a ... Read more >

Day #9 - Honouring High Places

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 7 Oct 2019 | Views [109]

Gorakshep (5140m) > EBC (5364m) > Thukla (4630m) Suprise! Todays alarm goes off at 5:15am JOY I'm nervous, Courts is nervous - we are minus Ann now for the next few days as she's attemptimg Chola Pass. It's the only Pass openm put of the 3 passes ... Read more >

Day #8 - D-Day (oh hang-on! maybe D-Day Eve)

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 6 Oct 2019 | Views [97]

Laboche (4910m) > Gorakshep (5140m) Todays starts out like every day. Cold, Exciting, Daunting and full of hope. The plan today is to hike to Gorakshep and have 'lunth' and then climb to Everest Base Camp. Again though, it's a slow climb. Sooooooo ... Read more >

Day #7 - Today sucked balls

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 5 Oct 2019 | Views [101]

Dingboche (4410m) > Loboche (4910m) The dulcet tones of the Himalaya - TOP 3:      Cows / Yak Bells      Helicopters (50/50 Rescue / Extremelly cashed up tourists)      The sound of people hucking ... Read more >

Day #6 - Rancho Relaxo

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 4 Oct 2019 | Views [98]

Dingboche (4410m) Rest Day YAY another rest day. We all need it. But not before the obligatory walk above where we slept at. Early morning get up to guess what? Walk up a mountain! To assist with acclimitisation. Courts and I quickly decide that ... Read more >

Day #5 - Lady E shows her top

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 3 Oct 2019 | Views [80]

Tengboche (3860m) > (Dingboche 4410m) Today for some reason we've all woken up ful of beans. Considering yesterday was such a trudge we're all suprised we're all so upbeat. What was in our dinner last night? We saw Everest walking out of Tengboche ... Read more >

Day #4 - Computer Says No

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 2 Oct 2019 | Views [71]

Namche (3440m) > Tengboche (3860m) Today starts with up... up.... up.... I've stopped asking Kumar how far and how long we are walking, as he's started saying things like 'for 'normal people' 4 hours' 'for you - 6 hours'. Yes. I'm the culprit. ... Read more >

Day #3 - Rest Day Namche

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 1 Oct 2019 | Views [81]

Namche (3440m) - Acclimitisation Day Just a short 40 minute walk up to Everest Look-up and visist the museum. Start out at 7:30am - a few hikers out, it reasonalbly clear, but as we walk we see the clouds start to fold in. Arriving at the top the ... Read more >

Day #2 - Semi-charmed kinda Hike

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 30 Sep 2019 | Views [77]

Phakding (2610m) > Namche (3440m)   Todays supposed to be nasty. Todays supposed to be long. With alot of ups. Oh-ooooo what the absolute hell was I thinking. On the itinery this day was described as 'Short Trekking' day. Liar Liar pants ... Read more >

Day #1 - Old Spice Nepal Style

NEPAL | Sunday, 29 Sep 2019 | Views [148]

Kathmandu (1400m) > Phakding (2610m) OK early start for the day, after a cold shower last night, but it's here... we're about to set off.   We're on a bus We're in an Airport We're on  bus We're on a plane We're off ... Read more >

Tags: #trekking #mountains

Day #10 - Reeth > Catterick Village (?)2

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 13 Aug 2018 | Views [208]

Tags: trekking

Day #9 - Keld > Reeth (?)

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 12 Aug 2018 | Views [148]

Grouse - today is grouse :)

Tags: trekking

Day #8 - Kirkby Stephen > Keld (?)

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 11 Aug 2018 | Views [111]

Car'n! Look at all those cairns!

Tags: trekking

Day #7 - Orton > Kirkby Stephen (?)

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 10 Aug 2018 | Views [112]

Tags: trekking

Day #6 - Bampton > Orton (12 miles)

UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 9 Aug 2018 | Views [164]

Shap Abbey - the last abbey to be founded in England in 1199. Walking out of Bampton, and after a lovely evening with some people I've met along the way, I make my way down to the glorious ruin of Shap Abbey. It's nestled snuggled in a little dip ... Read more >

Tags: trekking

Day #5 - Patterdale > Bampton (11 miles)

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2018 | Views [167]

'Oh the Lake Districts lovely. Lets go there. We can eat scones. They do great scones in 1927' Doctor Who Doctor Who you were right about the scones, although I can only comment on the 2018 ones.... plenty of the places I've stayed may of even had ... Read more >

Tags: trekking

Day #4 - Grasmere > Patterdale (8 miles)

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 7 Aug 2018 | Views [96]

I tried to grab the fog.... But I mist..... Soooo it's NOT raining..... but is that low hanging cloud I see? Today brings with it the ominous knowledge that I'll be climbing the biggest mountain of the hike. Hell. It's Helvellyn. So I start ... Read more >

Tags: trekking

Day #3 - Rosthwaite > Grasmere (9.5 miles)

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 6 Aug 2018 | Views [98]

'The loveliest spot that man hath found' Sunshine? What is this? Where does it live? Not in the morning I'm in that's for sure! Today sees me start out with some dark clouds above me and a determination to ignore all the weather forecasts I've read ... Read more >

Day #2 - Ennerdale Bridge > Rosthwaite (15 miles)

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 5 Aug 2018 | Views [132]

'where water fell in love with sunshine, this is where they kissed' So today starts out around 17 degrees and a nice little decent towards Ennerdale waters. Noice, really noice. My feet really took a hammering yesterday, and at just 2 miles in I can ... Read more >

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