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Adventures of Matt & Tani

Miami (the return)

USA | Thursday, June 16, 2011 | 34 photos

After over an hour trying to convince the American Airlines attendant at the check-in counter we were genuine travellers, meanwhile worrying we would ultimately be not allowed on our flight, we finally got through just before the flight closed. 9 hours later we landed in Miami for a 4 night stopover en-route to London. Was a pretty hectic 4 days managing to restock both our wardrobes which had fallen apart from almost 10 months on the run, were kindly invited out for fishing trip on Miami waters by Andrew (whom we had met on Couchsurfing), took down our first bit of Vietnames food in ages and even squeezed in a day at the beach. Stayed in an awesome apartment right on the bay at South Beach. Like our last time in Miami, observed many out there people including a 70 ood grandma wearing flouro clothes and piggy tails doing regular rounds of the streets on her skateboard. Fun city.

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