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Trip: South America

There are [82] stories from my trip: South America

Still mooing

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 3 Feb 2007 | Views [739]

Ever get the feeling that the steak you are eating is too rare? Tonight we had a a fabulous dinner with our 2 newest travelling mates - Kirsten & Brendon from the gong (Wollongong) at a local parilla restaurant (bbq place). If the service was anything ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Photos: Argentina

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 3 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Day 16 - Stalking Evita

ARGENTINA | Friday, 2 Feb 2007 | Views [2278]

Buenos Tardez! Today has been our first full day in Argentina and we have made the most of it! We started early after a good sleep in (only until 9.30!) before hitting the streets and heading into Buenos Aires Central which is just down the end of our ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Day 15 - Buenos Aires

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 1 Feb 2007 | Views [911] | Comments [1]

Hi everyone Just a quick entry to let you know we got to Argentina ok today. We are staying in a cheap, noisy, party zone hostel called the Millhouse right in the city, but only for a couple of nights as we would prefer to move to a quieter hostel. ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

The good, the bad + the Chilean

CHILE | Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007 | Views [12589] | Comments [6]

Well - we've now had 2 whole weeks here in Chile and have had quite an experience in our travels. There are so many things we have seen, heard, tried and photographed that its difficult to come up with a round up of our experiences (on our last night), ... Read more >

Tags: culture

Day 13 - Pre-Columbian Artefacts

CHILE | Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007 | Views [2152] | Comments [1]

Hola! Today we explored the "must see" museum in Santiago - Museum of Pre-Columbian Art in Santiago city. It contains a collection of pre-Columbian pieces of different cultural areas selected for their beauty and cultural value; ceramics, paintings, ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Como Agua Para Chocolate

CHILE | Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007 | Views [4547]

This restaurant, inspired by the book "Like Water for Chocolate" recreates a colourful Mexican ranch, with wrought iron railings on the balconies and plenty of wood, stone and exposed bricks to add to the mood. The solid wood tables, musical ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Day 12 - Sun in Santa Lucia

CHILE | Monday, 29 Jan 2007 | Views [7598] | Comments [2]

Hi everyone Today we have been exploring the sites of one of the most beautiful areas within Santiago - Santa Lucia. We started the day be visiting Indigenous Chilean markets & then to the Cerro Santa Lucia. Its pretty much the biggest thing ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

La Casa Roja

CHILE | Sunday, 28 Jan 2007 | Views [1495]

Our accomodation here in Santiago is just spectacular -  we are staying at La Casa Roja in Santiago (the red house). Its a 100 bed packpackers (by far the largest we´ve stayed in) run by 2 Aussies (we havent met them yet). The property is a restored ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Days 9 & 10 - Shrunken Heads on the bbq

CHILE | Saturday, 27 Jan 2007 | Views [2557] | Comments [2]

Hola Amigos & Amigas! Ang & I enjoyed our last few days in La Serena by visiting the local Archaeological museum to take in some Chilean history. After trying to buy tickets for 5 minutes we realised that on the weekends that entry is free (hey ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

The story of Casa Maria

CHILE | Friday, 26 Jan 2007 | Views [3130] | Comments [5]

We have enjoyed 3 lovely days here in La Serena, and yesterday we were humbled to hear the story of Maria - the lady that runs the hostel "Casa Maria" where we have been spending our time. Maria was married young and had 2 sons to her husband, ... Read more >

Tags: People

Day 8 - Burning feet & Stargazing in La Serena

CHILE | Thursday, 25 Jan 2007 | Views [2569]

La Playa = beach. My feet = burnt to a crisp due to the black sand here which retains heat like nothing else. I reckon we could have cooked lunch on the sand! Today we went to the local beach here in La Serena which is a 30 minute hike from our hostel, ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Things i love so far about Chile

CHILE | Wednesday, 24 Jan 2007 | Views [2392] | Comments [2]

The best things Their supermercardos (supermarkets) sell the most amazing array of breads, fresh pastries, cakes & they have 2 whole aisles just for wine. The Chileans sure have their shopping sorted! Everywhere we go, they are playing 1980´s hits ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Photos: Chile

CHILE | Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

Some sights so far
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Day 7 - Viña del Mar

CHILE | Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007 | Views [3060] | Comments [1]

Today we really started to feel like we were on holidays as we finally hit the beach! We travelled with our new buddies (Liz from Holland & Adrian from Birmingham) from Valparaiso to the neighbouring town of Viña which is like the Gold Coast i guess.... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Day 6 - Unknown meats in Valpa

CHILE | Monday, 22 Jan 2007 | Views [1186] | Comments [2]

Buenos Dias everyone, We had a great day yesterday in Valpa once again, although we didnt realise that for the Chileans Monday is an extention of the weekend so lots of shops etc were closed. Its hard to know whether shops are closed or whether the ... Read more >

Tags: Laughter

We feel like locals

CHILE | Monday, 22 Jan 2007 | Views [701] | Comments [2]

Ang and i have noticed that everywhere we go, its obvious who the touristas are - we often play spotto when we see a pack of yanks wearing bum bags and t-shirts with the American flag on them. This doesnt happen so much to us, as we are both shorter ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

Tale from above

CHILE | Sunday, 21 Jan 2007 | Views [704] | Comments [2]

Just wanted to say that the thing I love most about the Chileans is that they are all my height! Walking the streets here I feel like Andre the Giant - which never happens back in Oz. Just thought you would all like to know! From Lani "the tallest ... Read more >

Tags: Laughter

Day 5 - Hillside trains in Valapariso

CHILE | Sunday, 21 Jan 2007 | Views [1114] | Comments [3]

Hola everyone! Today has been another great day in the port of Valparaiso. We had a great experiene for dinner last night - after wandering the cobblestone streets of our local area we stumbled upon a wonderful place called the "Colour Cafe."... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Days 3 & 4 - Valparaiso

CHILE | Saturday, 20 Jan 2007 | Views [985] | Comments [1]

Hola amigos! We have arrived in the coastal town of Valparaiso which is absolutely beautiful. We were initally on the "wrong side" of town in a hostel called El YoYo (i nicknamed it El Crappo) which wasnt the best. It was more of an inlet ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

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