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Things i love so far about Chile

CHILE | Wednesday, 24 January 2007 | Views [2453] | Comments [2]

The best things

Their supermercardos (supermarkets) sell the most amazing array of breads, fresh pastries, cakes & they have 2 whole aisles just for wine. The Chileans sure have their shopping sorted!

Everywhere we go, they are playing 1980´s hits - think Michael Bolton, Prince, the Bangles etc. I loved the 1980´s so its like one big request radio station for me!

Ang & i completely fit in here with our dark hair & skin. I love the fact we dont stick out like sore thumbs.

The cost of staying in a nice hostel, having a great meal and some drinks is fairly inexpensive compared to other costs of living. Its not out of reach for most families to eat out once a week (in the places ive been anyway). Its a very social place. I also like that sleeping in until noon is now frowned upon. We are now completely used to eating our evening meal at 10pm or 11pm & enjoying a sleep in. Siesta is great as well - we are so pleased to have a validation for us wanting to take nanna naps between 3 - 5pm each day....

The Chileans are always musical - even the gasman who delivers gas bottles each morning plays drum rhythms on the gas cylinders to alert the neighbourhood he is around. Random latin american beats everywhere.

Chileans are very entrepreneurial - at every stop light no doubt someone will hop on the bus and try to sell you an icecream or drink. At traffic lights, street performers juggle or do acrobatics for small change. At 2 restaurants recently, older men tried to sell us tea towels & nail clippers?!? I love their spirit though. They also have strange mixes of things on sale in shops. We have seen more than one store specialising in only bikes, beds & tv´s (and thats all they sell...)

They morning news spends 10 minutes on headlines and then 40 minutes on a round up of the football (soccer) results for each day. Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllll!

Most of all i love that the vast majority of Chileans are warm & welcoming people who completely understand Ang & I are still learning Spanish & they are willing to help & be patient! And i also love their red wine :)

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    Hola u locals
    Good to see the Chileans r treating u like locals. Its one time where it pays to be dark skinned and short(not sure where else its good but im sure you will find it) My kinda place where the soccer comes first...if u understand spanish!
    sounds so great..aisles of wine, music playing everywhere(and eighties too..i can remember that). Not sure i could cope with the late starts but the "nana naps" sound ideal.You girls seem like you r in your element over the. Dont forget to tell them you know that their tennis player Chilean"Fernando Gonzalez" has made it thru to the semi finals of Aus Open for 1st time ..has to play Tommy Haas. They should be partying in the streets over that.Have a good one. Till the next time Mama Kels Katz xoxox

      Mama del soca Jan 25, 2007 8:59 AM


    i love this entry. i am traveling to chile in november for the first time (since i was adopted as a baby) and i loved reading your little tidbits. i'm glad chileans are understanding of people with limited spanish skills as i have very little to none! :)

    drop me a note sometime if you'd like - i'm very open to learning new things about the country!

      chaoticmum Oct 20, 2007 6:32 AM



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