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purchasing land...mama na dada community garden MNDCG

KENYA | Saturday, 3 October 2009 | Views [1036] | Comments [2]

so the big news...if the tides work out correctly i will be having land in kunya village.

the idea:

purchase 2acres of land (1acre=600usd), use the land to grow food sustainably through permaculture design and deliver the food to the mama na dad group of guardians and circle of hope day care. also provide an educational center on site to allow learning sustainable farming methods and natural energy techniques (ie:solar), and roof water catchment systems. also during the prep and caretaking of the land, we will select the most needy and most trusting community members who will be given some temporary and some permament jobs aiding in their providing for their familyies.

1.5 acres used for growing crops like, bulgar, cowgris, groundnuts, kale, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, mangos, oranges, papas (papaya), lemons, green grams, soya...

.5 acres will be used to build a hut for myself & a good friend to live in for 6 months out of the year where we will be caretakers for the land, maintain and revise the property and project as needs arrise. we will also build a structure to hold classes and demonstrations open to all memebers of the village to learn about farming techniques such as the raised bed and companion planting presented through permaculture design.

there would be an initial hiring of community members to prepare the land for the first planting. once the land is ready, the guardians wil be responsible for the upkeep and planting and harvesting throughout the year. i and my partner during our stay will oversee and train members to care for the property as needed and after our 6 months we will return to the states to gather another years worth of needed funding and of course be able to see family and friends.

while we are away we will have a young male who will stay in a built facility on the land which will provide the security and upkeep of the land ensuring him a safe place to stay, and a job to fund living. each day we will have a donkey carriage run by a man in the village deliver water form the lake (50cents usd) which aids in a secure income for his family each day and also ensures our plants get water each day (this is the main reason many crops dont currently grow here is because water is expensive and lacking in resource). 2-4 times per year harvests will be made and the children and families in the community will recieve rationed amounts from this field as well as the day care.

after estimating costs of all materials needed along with the work to create this amazing place, ive realized it should take no more than 10-15thous usd for the initial start up and only 1-3thoususd/ year for upkeep, job payment and seed/supply purchase.

once we have established the project, we will open the opportunity to stay on the land to the community. this means that any of you, beautiful family and friends, would be able to get to the village and stay at very low cost for up to 6 months in a year. we would require you to pay for travel to and from kenya, and ask for a small fee probably around 800-1200usd to aid in food and thats it. you'll be welcomed into this wonderful bright village where education in aspects of agriculture, caregiving, and brother and sisterly love are provided. who could ask for more. a paradise in the making! our utopia!

i was given the big OK by the head coordinator to start this project and the villagers who ive pitched the idea to say "please come!" so if we get the money, we're in. i say "we're" because this all only is happening and will happen because of the support you've already shown, and any further support i can recieve.

currently ive spoken with my aunt tammy who has connections to grant writing/writers and i may be able to get funding in this manner. i will also check into aids in the eugene area seeing as the community garden efforts there are extremely advanced as compared to other areas of the states. if anyone has connections to grant writers, or you know an elderly couple looking to put their money into a good project near their final days...steer me in their direction! i would love any support weather financial means or just data and info.

suggestions welcome of course!!

also check this link made by my Tfamily its a vast info gallery http://africa.thetclub.com 

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I can't wait for our Africa home!!! You are so special to me!!! I will do everything in my power to raise the funds for this. I thought of an idea to add to this, what about some sort of a sister school here in Eugene? Maybe an after school program that teaches about gardening, sewing, and exchanges different things with their sister school in Africa? So, many possibilities!!

Love you,

  Yma Oct 4, 2009 12:06 PM


Great idea A! Amazing. You have already got so much of this worked out Kena Achieng. I would be honored to live in such a Creation some day. I am so happy for you and the Village. These kinds of projects are exploding all over the Dear planet and will only continue to do so! Glory, glory, Hallelu-jah the Truth is marching on!

  Genevieve Nov 13, 2009 3:42 PM

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