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2nd largest Carnaval in the world, Cali Colombia

COLOMBIA | Saturday, 22 Mar 2014 | Views [355]

Carnaval....The photos may be better than my words but I want to try to convey how this month I experienced the most exciting and creative distplay of human madness that I have ever experienced.   Since December, I have been collecting a list ... Read more >

Photos: Carnival 2014

COLOMBIA | Monday, 3 Mar 2014 | Photo Gallery

Barranquilla, Colombia
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Photos: colombia

COLOMBIA | Friday, 28 Feb 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Lost City of Sierra Nevadas, Sexy Motels, In a band...

COLOMBIA | Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 | Views [749]

Wow Colombia is my favorite country in the world. I  have been on a wild wild ride through Colombia and living so much in the moment I haven’t felt so empowered to step out to write about it.    Cartagena: I stay in the ... Read more >

Tags: barranquilla, cartagena, ciudad perdida, colombia, kogi, lost city trek, santa marta, taganga

Photos: San Blas

PANAMA | Thursday, 16 Jan 2014 | Photo Gallery

Travelling by speed boat in the rumbling atlantic, from Panama to Colombia and our tribes journey continued
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PANAMA | Thursday, 16 Jan 2014 | Views [485]

San Blas Islands, small boat, lots of people, heavy backpacks, HUGE WAVES If that doesn´t explain enough, just let me… San Blas islands are a covetted área of well protected land inhabited by a few tribes mostly known as the ... Read more >

Tags: atlantic ocean, colombia, darian cap, panama, san blas, tcha badjo

A gecko peed on me, square trees

PANAMA | Monday, 30 Dec 2013 | Views [504]

I am on my second and final month here in panama and it has been amazing. This place is really a great area to consider for a later in life retirement. It's not so different that your cultural views clash, but its just exotic enough that life is blissful ... Read more >

Tags: gecko, gorgona, panama, san blas

Nomad in the melting pot, Panama

PANAMA | Monday, 25 Nov 2013 | Views [1491]

Hola mi  familia y amigos! Soy Kina Noelia de Panama!   Can you tell my spanish has really advanced in 2 weeks :).. Really though I am doing well with the spanish language, its a fairly simple format and people here in panama enjoy ... Read more >

Tags: bar tender, bocas de toro, incubus, malibu beach hostel, panama

Photos: panama 2013

PANAMA | Friday, 11 Jan 2013 | Photo Gallery

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Congolese Business Trainings, Nile River, Kin Reunion

UGANDA | Sunday, 1 Apr 2012 | Views [904] | Comments [1]

The Refugee group, who we are now calling RIP (Refugee Initiative Projects) worked me very hard during my stay. I had to teach myself in order to teach them, and it was a grueling process. Staying with the family also proved to be a challenge and a ... Read more >

Tags: business training, congo, kampala, kin initiative, kisumu, micro finance, nile river, travel, uganda

karaoke, ferry, sound therapy in the bush, a congolese home

KENYA | Friday, 17 Feb 2012 | Views [912] | Comments [3]

With Christmas and New years out of the way, it was time for me to buckle down and complete projects...i sewed more African utility belts than i ever had before and sold over 200usd worth even selling 5 in one day. one girl had even sought me out ... Read more >

Tags: congo, ferry, karaoke, kenya, maasai, microfinance, nile river, simmers, tanzania, water tank

Christmas controvers,yNew Year's mud wrestling

MALAWI | Friday, 6 Jan 2012 | Views [1268]

Life back in Nkhata bay has proved very fulfilling as I expected. The turn of events that has occurred in me with my mental processing of daily life have really acclimated me into the culture here and I have become true friends with some of the locals, ... Read more >

Tags: christmas, kaya papaya, malawi, mud wrestling

zambia cut short, malawi's breath of fresh air!

ZAMBIA | Monday, 21 Nov 2011 | Views [769] | Comments [2]

My last days spent in Malawi were that of fun, rewarding, sadness. I finished the school mural and went on some interviews with a local village for story telling which I will put on the website being created by the managers at Butterfly Space. We are ... Read more >

Tags: butterfly space, devils pool, folk stories, malawi, mama malawi, nkata bay, t-club, victoria falls, zambia

slowly slowly, partying a bit, hula hooping, a future in malawi?

MALAWI | Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011 | Views [930] | Comments [2]

One would think I would be used to this by now but gtting used to the africa time again, has been one of the hardest parts of my stay as of now. Of course the change of pace of city life vs the bay side life has been incredibly ... Read more >

Tags: africa, holidays, hula hoop, lake of stars, malawi, mzungu, peace, special needs, vegan

Again to Malawi Lake, dread locks, gluten free

MALAWI | Friday, 14 Oct 2011 | Views [797]

I’ve taken off from Lilongwe (capital city) and have arrived in a bay called Nkata. It’s a quaint fishing community on the shores of Lake Malawi where people are smiley, artistic, laid back, and goofy. I’ve planted my foot in a backpackers ... Read more >

Tags: africa, butterfly space, dorms, gluten free, malawi, permaculture, tonga

Faith in Fait...and thats all

MALAWI | Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | Views [776] | Comments [2]

WOW. What in the bloody hell just happened to me. I don't even know where to begin. But lets preface this with, wow life is amazing (that can be good and bad) and I am so thankful for fait, which if I didn't believe in it before, I sure as hell believe ... Read more >

Tags: africa, fate, lake of stars, lilongwe, malawi

up up and away, UGANDA THEN MALAWI,1 week in

UGANDA | Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | Views [977]

A little faith in humanity ... even in the simplist form. I was on my way. My parents have sent me off at the redmond airport..and I was beginning my 40hour trek across the globe. I first hopped a plane to portlandia and on the way met a woman from the ... Read more >

Tags: entebbe, kin initiative, lake victoria, malawi, uganda

In the air again

UGANDA | Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011 | Views [1266] | Comments [3] | Video

   I was recently asked, "How can there be hope when such horrible atrocities happen in this world?" My immediate reaction was to agree with the gross behavior of humans and to claim that hope was a bit of a "moo point". I ... Read more >

Tags: botswana, kenya, malawi, namibia, orphange, refugee, tanzania, uganda, volunteer, zambia

compare & contrast KE UG TZ

USA | Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010 | Views [1255] | Comments [1]

these are compare and contrast questions i have been asked often throughout the journey. all answers are only my opinion and do not necessarily pose true data best traditional food UGANDA matoke (green bananas) with leafy vegetables and groundnut ... Read more >

my final journey in africa 2010, and now back to the USA

USA | Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010 | Views [756]

for nearly 2 weeks i worked with the orphan kiddos making amazing crafts mostly beads. they were fascinated by the meditation they reached as they strung bright beads onto string and metal in order to create masterpeice accessories. i attempted ... Read more >

Tags: beading, congo refugees, home, kenya, kin initiative, tanzania, uganda

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