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Break It Down

KENYA | Monday, 31 August 2009 | Views [1217] | Comments [7]

lets talk insanity....lets talk realistic insanity. isn't it insane that each day in America people sit down to a cup of coffee which was brought to them by the hands of costarican farmers,  they then only halfway finish the cup because we know there's a Starbucks on the way to work, while a plate sized pancake sits in front of them that they smother in delicious maple syrup and berries as sports highlights from the night before blaze in the background on their big flat screen TV which is mounted on the wall next to their air conditioner which sits in the window of their 5 bedroom home which is occupied by only 3 people....INSANE! ...and gross. but this is our American way right? totally and disgustingly true, but many of us know of no other way. its time for us to change this thought process.

there's always just so much talking going on. i understand what it means to be in a room hearing all the mindless chatter amongst us. the vulgarity of speech often only decimates positive thought. a waste of breath is a common concern ive come to meditate on. i don't want to be concerned with these silly narcissistic ideas which are created by the consumeristic capitalized thought process most of us Americans indulge each day.

we must leave our comfortable lifestyle and be open to the true reality of life, it is time. destruction could be around the corner. and it could also be light years away...who knows? but knowing we actually do have the opportunity to create our own future and establish the most peaceful setting for our familys to grow and prosper in, why would we choose to ignore this possibility? by returning ourselves to a simpler form of being we will be able to appreciate so much more about this motherland and our exisistance with it....WITH IT! this is key.

we must understand that we are not on this earth as a separate entity, we are with it. the earth is our body and our body is the earth. she is a divine living organism that commands respect. when we lack the foundation of this natural order of life, destruction ensues and we cannot ignore that this is where we are now. we've forgotten these concepts and its not just frustrating and an annoyance,,,its dangerous and frightening. however, when i see a child kneel in the sand and plunge their hands into its depths to find and feel that cold wet security hiding uderneath, and realizing that purity still exists beneath the surface, i know why i am doing what i am doing. children are so knowledgeable on this matter of happiness found in the most natural and simple situations. if we step up as positive role models and encourage the respect deserved by our land, we will initiate a lifetime of well being in our children.

i was recently told by a friend that when i return to the states, he will help me publish my book....whatever form i choose to create it in. ive thought of an autobiography of travels, or a collaborative themed book set where children draw their version of peace, community, love, respect etc. everyone around me has been so supportive during this adventure...its amazing and beautiful to see that people really want to help forge change. it takes a team to create this process of awakening and that's exactly what i intend to do. because ive gained such a unique perspective on the wisdom of the child's heart, i must now take that information and strive to make it useful in our world. if we can open our ears and eyes to the realities our children face each day, and in that process take their knowledge and project it out to the cosmos in hope for a manifestation of recovery for all who exist on the mother land, we can discover our bliss.

i can no longer allow others to have a blind eye to the reality of our errors. of course it is no blaming game. we are all responsible, and so we must all find our paths to recreating the future. we want to look back on our history and know that it was the time where change began. where respect and love for her mother earth was put on the forefront of our existence. i am choosing to aid in this process by getting back to the roots where we all were created as brother and sister and unfortunately where many of the most evils  of today now exist.

i am currently 1 day away from being on a plane that will carry me to Kenya where i will serve two months in a womens/young girls and childrens safety & empowerment camp. there i will stay to serve them in manners of massage, childcare, art, yoga instruction and hopefully put a smile on their face.  after this period i will travel for as long as i can, approximately 1-2 years, along the plains of africa finding village after village to set up camp, collect information and collaborate with organic farms & conscious projects. hopefully i can create a project of my own where exchange across American boarder can take place for Africans to come and tell their story here and Americans can return to their roots in African villages & learn the order our land.

its so strange to put those thoughts into words as i see these ideas leaving my brain and transferring to this screen in a way that i usually cant express outwardly. its hard to open up about our dreams as we don't want to meet failures along the way or feel ashamed of our inability to create them as we envisioned. but the important part of sharing these concepts are found in the reality that manifestation can work so much better in a collective environment. i am only here now because of the support my loved ones and community has given. so i have been putting these thoughts out there and opening up to possibilities. the universal tides have come to the shore beckoning me for my entrance into the deep waters of the unknown. the support has allowed me to indulge in self discovery and knowledge on matters of love and kindness. i am here to manifest the spreading of universal love and unity now. where our love for the smallest of creatures on the soil, are no different than that of our neighbor. 

please seek the yin~yan balance of life. the alpha and omega of reality is where symbiosis is the unifying factor of our beings. when we can project a future that maintains harmony and balance among all creatures and all lands, we can find true enlightenment within our beings.

i want to encourage us all to think back to our days of childhood when that one dream in life existed. what was that wish you made each time you blew out the candles on a cake or saw a shooting star? as a child this wish was a pure desire from you heart that was shielded from all the concerns of adult life. these desires are divine and deserve our attention. you can manifest your reality too. just don't be afraid to put it out there. we all want to see our brothers and sisters happy so that they might return the same blessing.

so let us all keep your feet on the ground, and our head in the clouds....day dreamers see the true possibility that so many others feel cant exist. i appreciate all of you sentient beings out there and love the perspectives on life you've allowed me. we all learn what we choose to learn in the time we've been given. what action can we take now...............

kwe to hera sisters and brothers
(peace & love in the LUO language)


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connection, awareness, love. :) sounds like you've got an amazing couple years ahead of you. i'm excited to see where it takes you! peace, hugs... ~kim

  kim Sep 1, 2009 6:47 AM


Be safe and have an awesome adventure along the way. Keep track of your journey. Can't wait to read the book you do write when you return to us.
Love you Kena and I will pray for your safety daily.
Love Aunt Tammy

  Aunt Tammy Sep 1, 2009 11:28 AM


good luck kena! keep us updated on everything that is going on!
love chelsea

  Chelsea Sep 1, 2009 11:57 AM


Your amazing women. I love that you have the courage and strength to do what you are doing. You can conquer anything.
Lori Beth

  Lori Sep 1, 2009 12:16 PM


Love you so much, you are an inspiration to us all...you truly are the change you wish to see. Shine on beauty.

  Yma Sep 9, 2009 5:13 AM


i want to help you!! how the heck would i about getting over there? i live in Eugene, and i'm friends with amy campbell.. she sent me a link to this journal ;)

  Lisa Sep 10, 2009 9:00 AM


you are an inspiration. your strength is astounding. your courage is great.
keep your head high and your eyes shining.
much love being sent your way girl!!
~ Cassi ~

  Cassondra <3 Sep 15, 2009 1:32 PM

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