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KENYA | Sunday, 27 September 2009 | Views [812] | Comments [2]


i bring smiles from the kids and families here. thank you to all of you who are trying to help support the people here. sounds like i have many friends at the lorax, the t family, the eugene family, and blood family who are working so hard to get support and its hard for me to use words to express how much that means to me and people here.

i got news that starting monday the 29th children without uniforms would not be able to attend school. luckily this friday we finished 16 of the needed uniforms for the kids. i wish the computers worked here so that i could try to capture the love excitement and joy these kids felt as they were able to trade in their tattered holy faded clothes for new beautiful uniforms. many of them couldnt barely keep still as i tried to put the shirts over their heads. that day, they sung and danced with voices and movement of strength and confidence in their world.this gift really helps them to feel confident on their abilities in school and will encourage them to take their studies serious and succeed above their struggles.

another issue faced was the fact that the guardians who are a group of women who have banned together to take care of 35 children some theirs and others orphans were at a standstill with their efforts to provide food. they were graciously donated 1.5 acres of land which they tilled and prepared to plant maize and beans.with the drought they were unable to plant and even though recently the rain began to fall for a few minutes each night, they still had no means for purchasing the seeds. the land was wasting away. after seeing on the news that the seeds here were running out due to drought and there would need to be a seed purchase from china and other overseas areas with a high tax rate, i decided i must stop this chain of unfortunate events. i had to borrow some money an fortunately we were able to purchase all the seeds for the 1.5 acres. tuesday we will be able to plant the food and withing 3 months they should be able to feed the 35 children from the crops. this is fantastic. thankyou for all of you who are helping!

the next big issue is the big bellies i see due to harmful water. many of you have heard about these bacteria in the water and currently there are two companies providing aid efforts for these issues. one is called 'the life straw' and i cannot remember the other which i saw on a ted talks demonstration. basically there are straws and family bags which anyone can put into literal 'shit' water (demonstrated on ted talks) and there would be a completely safe filtered product. these filters are pretty cost effective and can only be sent to areas of extereme need. so whenever i get the collected funds from the projects which have been started, this is where the money will go to...filtration systems for the schools and also help with food until the crops produce. thankyou again!

i had the pleasure of going to the dyspensary to help with the measl vaccines which in 1 days gave over 50 children free shots and vitamins. everything went well until i had to see a real life image i though id only see on tv. it was one of those faces where its a skull only covered in skin. this little girls eyes were sunken into her head, the lips were barely visible and i could see every protrusion from her bones. it was a real reality check for me. i know in my heart we can prevent scenes like this one from happening and our hope and good vibes can be sent here and really make a difference. if you have anything to pray to just put out a word today for that little girl please.

yesterday i taught 35 girls how to write block lettering and do artistic fonts. it was a great gathering and afterwards i showed them some hula hoop tricks. it was so fantastic to see them roll their bodies around and giggle at the new toy. these faces remind me of the children back in eugene and i want them to know i miss them so much. i think about you every day kiddos!

anyway please look at the moon these next couple days as i will to and ill know youre on the other side seeing the same thing i am. we are connceted, we are all one, and i love you all brothers and sisters.


kena achieng

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So good to hear from you, Kena! My thoughts are always with you and those around you.

  Lisa Marie Sep 28, 2009 5:48 AM


More Beautiful than words can describe. I have been trying to encourage my children to donate to our canister and so far only Sara Beara has done so. I will continue to mention it to the parents who I'm sure have pocket change daily! Also, I brought up the donations at one of our meetings a few months ago and there was widespread interest, I just haven't coordinated it yet! I will do this at our next meeting and bring the canisters to hand out! I am so grateful for your work there. You truly are living one of my dreams and I am so blessed to know you.

Also the CC kids from last year seem to be doing great. They're always happy and bouncy, full of life and love. My program this year means the world to me. The children have helped open my eyes to the Kingdom and I have done the same for them. It has been here all along! Blessed are the children.

I also want you to know that this is a time for great HOPE and JOY for soon, Mother Earth will be a whole new place and your precious children of Mother Africa will all be taken care of, fully provided for and given more abundance than they could ever have dreamed possible...and you dear sister of light, are doing your part to make that a reality from day to day. I have many awesome things to share with you when the time is right. Truly I say, REJOICE with love and be at peace in your heart for all will be well soon! I love you very much.

  Genevieve Nov 13, 2009 3:12 PM

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