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AdventurSpirit Travel memories fade fast if not recorded. This is an account of my travels - and adventure spirit...

Gallery: 2008 Spain

SPAIN | Saturday, 26 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

Ibiza, San Sebastian, Barcelona
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Gallery: 2008 Singapore

SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 22 Jul 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Ibiza - Party Capital of the World; Lives up to its reputation......

SPAIN | Sunday, 29 Jun 2008 | Views [3121]

Freaking air travel. We left mum’s in Singapore at 9pm Singapore time. Flight left at 11.05pm Singapore time. 13hrs later we landed in London Heathrow and proceeded to the transfer lounge for our Barcelona flight that was leaving 2 hrs later.... Read more >

Tags: laughter, party time

Eurotrip Prequel..... Prissy's first Spore experience

SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008 | Views [2147]

Left Melbourne on the 3.30pm flight…… goodbye Melbourne, bye house, bye Snoopy and MistyKashmir…. See you in a month. *sob*   Arrived on time in Singapore at 9pm local time. Went back to mum and dad’s dropped our stuff. Vince ... Read more >

Tags: eating & sightseeing, family

Gallery: 2007 Cairns

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 6 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

Cairns with Martin and Julie
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Crystal Cascades

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 5 Nov 2007 | Views [1898] | Comments [1]

Up at 9-ish today. Got stuck watching some documentary about the Miami drug lords on TV until almost 12. Got our stuff and grabbed some Maccas on the way to Crystal Cascades... Lost our way (coz this place was off the map) - apparantly it is the local's ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Quicksilver Pontoon

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 4 Nov 2007 | Views [1942]

Up at 7.45am - changed and ready to go! We're going to Quicksilver Pontoon!! Drove out of the hotel at ten past 8am, off we went to Port Douglas. An hour later, we pulled into Marina Mirage, after going slightly too far, backtracking and then doing a ... Read more >

Tags: Diving

Kuranda Skyrail

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 3 Nov 2007 | Views [1488]

Got up pretty early at 8.30am expecting to go pickup the car at 9am. Was dressed and waited for Vinny to turn over. It was not until 10am before we got dressed and went out. Martin and Julie were still asleep so we went to Hertz to pickup the car and ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Taka Cod Hole Liveaboard - 30 October to 2 November 2007

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 2 Nov 2007 | Views [2293]

Up at 5.30am... sheese - what sort of holiday starts so early? At the airport by 6.30am for 7am flight to Cairns. Couldnt sleep on the plane so watched 'The Reaping' on the MacBook - lucky we got that, coz Jetstart didnt even give us earphones for ... Read more >

Tags: Diving

Wellington - Quiet Town

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007 | Views [668]

Arrived at my hotel at 7.30pm... the town is DEAD!!! A quick change of clothes and out I went to explore. A short walk to the famous Wellington Cable Car up to the botanical gardens... it was pitch black! There was no one there and I only had a fleeting ... Read more >

Tags: Eating & sightseeing

Gallery: 2007 Auckland & Wellington

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007 | Photo Gallery

First time in NZ
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First time in NZ - Auckland

NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 19 Aug 2007 | Views [1143]

Up at 4.30am for 7.15am flight out from Tullamarine airport.... *yawn*... what are the chances that the flight was delayed?? Oh nvm. I flew Emirates - had a ball, watched 'Next' with movies on demand and had yummy omelette breakky... the 3.5 hr flight ... Read more >

Tags: Eating & sightseeing

Gallery: 2007 Phuket

THAILAND | Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Patong - Crazy Town

THAILAND | Monday, 16 Apr 2007 | Views [24957] | Comments [8]

Massages, Poolside relaxation, Trannys and Manicure+Pedicure. What more can I say??? Bye bye Phuket!!!!!!

Tags: Relaxation

Phi Phi Island Overnight - 13-14 April 2007

THAILAND | Saturday, 14 Apr 2007 | Views [970]

7 dives in 2 days on M.V. Greta.... phew! See photos in gallery for all the pix we took. After 4 dives on the first day - Anemone Reef, Koh Bida Nok, Hin Bida and night dive Palong Bay - we got chartered by longtail boat to the island of Phi Phi..... Read more >

Tags: Diving

Similan Liveaboard - 8-12 April 2007

THAILAND | Thursday, 12 Apr 2007 | Views [1360]

By the time we got to the Chalong Pier to catch our boat MV Dolphin Queen out to the Similans, it was past 8pm. Everyone was tired and hungry. We got introduced to the crew, had some dinner and pretty much went straight to bed! Up early the next morning ... Read more >

Tags: Diving

Khao Lak Elephant Safari

THAILAND | Sunday, 8 Apr 2007 | Views [2039] | Comments [1]

Afer a big night at Lisa’s 21st Birthday Party, it was a surprise we actually made it to the airport on time. A lot of sleep and 2 movies later, we landed in Phuket at around 8.30pm local time. Our accommodation was about an hour and a half away up ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Gallery: 2007 Korea

SOUTH KOREA | Sunday, 18 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

Singapore and Korea with Martin and Julie
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Singapore - CNY Dinner

SINGAPORE | Saturday, 17 Feb 2007 | Views [1471]

3pm Singapore time - Im here!!!!!! Mum and dad were wraptd that I got back in time for CNY dinner. We love kim chi, but you have to admit, too much of a good thing can really get ya!! Afterall, we were all 'kim-chied' out. So we decided to have Boon ... Read more >

Tags: family

Seoul - Sickhead..... Puke

SOUTH KOREA | Thursday, 15 Feb 2007 | Views [1443]

Arrived back in Seoul after a horrid 4hr bus ride from Changwon. Julie's mum came to the bus terminal to pick us up. One look at the boys and she said - you need some 'after-alcohol' fooood! She took us to this famous fish soupy rice place, and the ... Read more >

Tags: Shopping & sightseeing

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