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Phoenix Park - Who's on the slopes at 2am???

SOUTH KOREA | Saturday, 10 February 2007 | Views [2221]

Arrived at Incheon Airport at 7am *yawn* that was a long flight. Straight out of the airport and into the car for journey up the mountain to Phoenix Park.

Was sunny and warm day at 2deg when we got on the mountain. Quick check-in and we were sitting on the warm floor of our 3 bedroom condo looking straight onto the mountain.

First a feed... off to the local feeding hole where we got a taste of old style Korean country hospitality. Back to the hotel for what we said was going to be a short nap that ended up waking at 6am the next day. We had wanted to take advantage of night skiing that night, but we were all exhausted.

After a great korean style breakfast (thanks Julie's Mum!!), we went out to rent our gear and buy our lift tickets. Phoenix Park is not a very big mountain, in fact, smaller than Buller - but with one big plus - great facilities and all day+night boarding from 8.30am till 4.30am (YES you read this right... 4.30AM) with only 2 breaks in a 24hr period (4.30pm to 6.30pm and 4.30am to 8.30am).

So off we went for a full on day of boarding. Martin went for his ski lesson at 2pm after attempting to go down one of the longest run (green+blue) on the mountain. Ethan and I proceeded to explore the mountain, which didnt really take that long... they only have 5 lifts and 1 gondola. At that time it had started to drizzle, and it became uncomfortably wet, so we decided to call it a day for now since it was the 4.30pm break.

Took another nap before getting up at 7pm for dinner (thanks again Julie's Mum!)... It was getting colder out, and at that stage it had started to fog. Martin and I went out for a couple of hours of night skiing - it was quite fun, but after a full day of riding, my legs just couldnt hack it anymore, even though I wanted to go on - the mind willing, but the body giving up. At 12.30am I decided to throw in the towel.

Up again the next morning and it was still drizzling even though it was bloody freezing. But by mid-morning it had started to snow, and we were wraptd!! At last, the powder that we wanted... and all on the last day too. Wooo hoo!! We boarded for most of the day and even took a break at Mont Blac cafe up the top where Julie and her Mum came up to visit. It was really cool!

We were really getting psyched as the snowfall became more and more constant. It was lovely and the powder - oh the powder.... =) We had planned to board till at least 12.30am - unfortunately our equiptment rental was to be returned at 10.30pm, so sadly sadly... we took our last run and returned our gear. Back to the warmth of our condo, Julie's mum again impressed us with her cooking, as we settled in for our last night here. Being a Friday night, we could not believe how many people there were lining up for the ski lifts - something not uncommon on the Australian Alps, but at 2.30am? Impressive!

Up again early the next moring and we were amazed!! Snow fell overnight and it was beautiful. It was -1deg and when we walked on the crunchy white powder, half wishing we weren't about to leave Phoenix Park - our winter wonderland.

As we pulled out of the carpark we said goodbye to the white scenary - for our 2hr drive back to Seoul.

Special thanks to Julie's mum who not only drove to PhoePark and back, she also fed us and paid for the whole ski trip. THANK YOU!!!! You're the best!!! Changone Oma!!

Talk about sponsorship and advertising - them koreans really know how to do it

Talk about sponsorship and advertising - them koreans really know how to do it

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