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Singapore - CNY Dinner

SINGAPORE | Saturday, 17 February 2007 | Views [1475]

3pm Singapore time - Im here!!!!!! Mum and dad were wraptd that I got back in time for CNY dinner.

We love kim chi, but you have to admit, too much of a good thing can really get ya!! Afterall, we were all 'kim-chied' out. So we decided to have Boon Tong Kee chicken rice... a nice change from spicy spicy spicy.... After dinner, we went out to Orchard Road, and I was kicking myself because the Chingay decorations lighted up the street and I left my camera at home... bummer. In anycase it was really pretty - that and also picked up 1kg of chinese BBQ meat (they call Bah Kua) - went home and put some in the oven whilst having red wine and watching Cradle of Life (Tomb Raider 2) on Dad's new projector.

Next day went to a couple of dive shops after having Prata at Raffles Place (again!) and Ethan gave his amex a good workout. 2 pairs of fins, booties and gloves and a wetsuit + a dive bag took us 40mins and S$925 (about A$770) to purchase... sheese! Not too bad considering we both got Scubapro Jetfins and really nice booties and gloves too. Check out http://www.livingseas.com.sg/index.htm - only disadvantage of that is that we'll look like twins underwater (apart from the hair... heh heh.... Dragonball).

Back home for a quick break before we headed out to Dad's new Yachting Club out in Tuas where we met a 'massive jam' according to the traffic information board - which didnt turn out that massive afterall. It was pouring then, which might explain why. Anyways, dinner at the Yacht Club was nice, and I particularly enjoyed the Yu Sheng (check out YouTube!) and highlight of the night was walking out to the pier. It was quiet and picturesque and there was a cool breeze after the rain had stopped. Dad gave us a tour of his newest Club, and I do look forward to coming out to the boats again when I have a chance on the next trip. Maybe even buy one!!!! haha Had my eye on a 2nd hand Sunchaser ONLY USD175k. haha.... cheap considering one of the more expensive ones was asking for EUR1.75mil... yikes!

Decided to drop by Toa Payoh Hub to get last minute CNY wares. There was a real massive accident, 2 cars on PIE pinballed between the freeway barriers, 3 lanes reduced to 1 and both the hotted up Civic and Corolla looked like they have been in the car crushing machine. So by the time we got to Toa Payoh, it was 10.30pm and we were half expecting all the shops to be shut. But on the contrary, the place was bustling. People everywhere and there was a HUGE Q waiting to pickup mandarins... it was like Christmas all over again!!! Was spewing that I am leaving the next night, coz there was going to be a huge fireworks display to ring in the year of the Pig, and I will be on a plane halfway to Bali when that happens.

Woke up early the next day and more last minute shopping. Another rice cooker and perfume and pressies, even had time to go for free coffee at TCCs.... was pretty relaxed. Got home around 3-ish and took Et to the airport at 5.

At the airport now, and I cant believe I managed to take 45kg onto the plane. Not without alot of stress and coaxing!!! But it all worked out well in the end and I'll be home soon.

It has been a fantastic 15 days, although it feels way too short. I just cant believe that I went from 34deg in Melbourne to the coolness of 28deg in Singapore and then to sometimes sub-zero korea back to 32deg in Singapore and 38deg back home. Wish I had more time to do more, but for now - Im looking forward - forward to my next holiday......

Diving in Phuket - Easter 2007 - Watch this space!!!!!

Yu Sheng

Yu Sheng

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