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JASSENDEAVOR 'm going to travel around the world, easternly, from the good ole USA. I plan to be traveling for about 4 months, but who knows what will happen? This is my global adventure. It's a chance to write my own story; but the details will have to be filled i

Trip: Around The World

There are [30] stories from my trip: Around The World

Surprise! I'm back in the USA!

MACAU | Tuesday, 9 Jun 2009 | Views [742]

Hello, and guess what? I am back in the US of A, happy to be visiting my dear folks Kathy and Daryl at their new home in Montana. I decided to visit here first, before and instead of heading directly to Portland, because here I can sit back, relax, ... Read more >

Tags: casinos, home, hong kong, macau

Still in China...

CHINA | Friday, 29 May 2009 | Views [527] | Comments [1]

Just finished a 3 day cruise with Chinese tourists (and one other "westerner," a Norwegian fellow) down the Yangzi river (also called the Chiantjiang, or Long River) to see the 3 gorges and also finishing at the huge 3 Gorges Dam. Currently ... Read more >

Tags: hubei, wuhan, yangzi


CHINA | Saturday, 23 May 2009 | Views [486]

In Beijing, saw the great wall, was amazing. Mostly because it was NOT in a touristy area but a cool out  of the way place. Went to the Forbidden City and was not really amazed. In Xi'an, saw the terracotta warriers, this army of ceramic men an emperor ... Read more >

Tags: china, pandas, sichuan

"What's your cheapest flight out of here?"

CHINA | Saturday, 16 May 2009 | Views [854]

Update - After algarve, spent windiest few days in Tarifa, Spain off the strait of Gibraltar, (windsurfing capital of the world) waiting for a day when the winds died down enough for the ferry to run, 35 minutes to Morocco, Africa! Got our passports ... Read more >

Tags: china, london, morocco, uk

Southern Spain - Barcelona to Cadiz: Cadiz to Algarve

SPAIN | Friday, 1 May 2009 | Views [2118] | Comments [1]

I have just had the best 5 days of the trip so far. Rented a car with Lisa and road-tripped through southern spain and portugal, sleeping in the car, waking up to a different beach each morning. Now, early on in the journey, our first full day ... Read more >

Tags: algarve, barcelona, beach, cadiz, camping, faros, ocean, portugal, southern, spain

Last day in Turkey

TURKEY | Friday, 24 Apr 2009 | Views [1542] | Comments [1]

Gnyadin! (Good Morning!) I write havıng just seen Lısa Marıe Graham off at the Bus Statıon ın Istanbul . We feel lıke we are old hands ın thıs cıty... havıng arrıved here two and a half weeks ago ın the same bus statıon, we are now adept at a) maneuverıng ... Read more >

Tags: lisa turkey istanbul

Istanbul Rocks... Turkey is an OK country by me

TURKEY | Sunday, 19 Apr 2009 | Views [792]

OK, sorry to all my fans. I know you have been checking regularly. Unfortanely, traveling and blogging do not go hand in hand. I am safe and sound in Eceabat, Turkey, on a weeklong tour of immediately-southeast-istanbul regions including Ephasus, ... Read more >

Tags: turkey cappadocia gallipole ephasus pammakule

One Good Friend Later!

GREECE | Saturday, 4 Apr 2009 | Views [1274] | Comments [1]

Actually, one good friend, two new Greek sandals, one Kiwi girl, two greek islands, one rented car, and three* sets of sunburns later... all this girl can say is, Kalispehrah! ("Good evening!") *Technically, our kiwi friend Lisa does not ... Read more >

Tags: athens, crete, cyclades, greece, island, paros

real traveling: Paris - Thessoloniki

GREECE | Saturday, 28 Mar 2009 | Views [671] | Comments [2]

I write this from arguably the best internet cafe I've encountered - plush leather office chairs, euro-style techno music... the almost palpable gamer culture is more evident than the Greek culture... because YES, I'm in Thessoloniki, greece! In ... Read more >

Tags: belgrade, grenoble, thessaloniki, zurich

7 weeks... paris finally

BELGIUM | Sunday, 22 Mar 2009 | Views [712] | Comments [2]

After 9 days in Amsterdam, how did I not find more time to write? Haha, it must just be Amsterdam. I was too busy buying bikes off of homeless guys, getting my Dutch on, and in general enjoying myself SLOWING DOWN. Now, Brugge. Only a day, to see what's ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, belgium, bruge, brugge, paris

Ned Nederlander

NETHERLANDS | Sunday, 15 Mar 2009 | Views [1610] | Comments [1]

Ned Nederlander... from the Three Amigos... was he Dutch? Anyway, the Netherlands is so far, definitely living up to my preconceptions about a tolerant, laid-back country, and a great place to go for young people. I will find it difficult to say exactly ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, dutch, netherlands

Berlin Schmerlin

GERMANY | Sunday, 15 Mar 2009 | Views [607]

Berlin... I am trying to think about what I liked about Berlin, from here in Amsterdam. And due to the contrast, it's difficult. Berlin was a good-looking, good-feeling city. HUGE. Literally, the buildings, sidewalks, archways, were all huge. It was ... Read more >

Tags: berlin germany

the Czechs like their garlic!

CZECH REPUBLIC | Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009 | Views [887]

The one thing everybody has told me, in retrospect of their own European trips, is 'I just wish I had spent more time in Prague' ...and they always draw out Praaague with this legit european accent that makes them seem even more wistful than they might ... Read more >

Tags: astronomical clock, czech, czech republic, prague

No Destiny in Vienna - Munich Expensive but Memorable

GERMANY | Monday, 9 Mar 2009 | Views [926] | Comments [1]

After Vienna, where I didn't find much destiny, I hightailed it to Munich, Germany, AKA Bavaria. 1. I did eat weiss wurst, real sauerkraut, and beer in a beer hall, across from the one where the Nazi Party was born (Haufbrauhaus). 2. Low points ... Read more >

Tags: bavaria, germany, munchen, munich, nazisim

Wien - lightning quick, part 2!

AUSTRIA | Friday, 6 Mar 2009 | Views [602] | Comments [1]

'My, that's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?' 'Austria.' 'Austria! Well, then. G'day mate! Let's put another Shrimp on the barby! ------------------------------------ So, then, lightning quick Vienna, and now on to Muchen!! Highlights of Vienna ... Read more >

Tags: austria, vienna, wien

venizia - lightning quick part 1

ITALY | Thursday, 5 Mar 2009 | Views [651] | Comments [1]

Lightning quick Venice, now Vienna! Venice was beautiful, though gray and cloudy and dirty. I took many pictures. I think the grayness of the citz (but with water so amazinglz dark green, I would have thought the city was dying it for the tourists..... Read more >

Tags: nougat, venice, venizia, vienna, wien

Dopo Di Roma

USA | Friday, 27 Feb 2009 | Views [846] | Comments [2]

After rome, I traveled with a guy from the USA to Sicily, where we toured both Palermo and Agrigento in a lightning-quick fashion before headng east on the island to Catania, which I like a great, great deal. Once again, the hostel means so much.... Read more >

Tags: catania, hector, italian, italy, language, sicily


USA | Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009 | Views [911] | Comments [1]

Two night and three days in Rome later, decided it was time to see a different aspect of Italy.  Matt felt the same, (although between you and me (and I've decided not to share the existence of my blog with any of my fellow travellers, since I might ... Read more >

Tags: catania, italy

catchup blogging: Roma

ITALY | Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009 | Views [704] | Comments [1]

My hostel method of only booking one night at a time worked extremely well in this case. The Yellow Room, my 7th hostel, was terrible. No common rooms, no kitchen. So I booked my second night in the same hostel as the Irish couple, called Freedom Traveller.... Read more >

Tags: italian, italy, roma, roman, rome

catchup blogging: The Ferry

ITALY | Wednesday, 25 Feb 2009 | Views [716]

While in Barcelona, I got out my map and with the help and advice of Niki, I decided against going north to France, opting instead to stay in southern Europe, chasing the sun! Enter Grimaldi Ferry. Having overstayed my time in Spain (about a week!) ... Read more >

Tags: corsica, ferry, grimaldi, irish, joe, louise, mediterranean, sardinia

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