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Save your way through Europe

FRANCE | Wednesday, 30 May 2007 | Views [2590] | Comments [4]

First things first, let me please explain that for the sake of saving time my punctuation will be everything but nonexistant in this instalement.  I wasnt aware that keyboards were different in continental Europe and the change has forced me to type like my father with only my two pointer fingers.  Moreover several letters have moved so occasionally youll find an omitted M or W or Z or A  Please bare with us


Eleven days into Europe only seven of which have only been on THE CONITINENT and were preparing to buy our first summer home before we even have an every other season home.  To get you up to speed lets recount:  so far weve seen London Paris and Brussels. 

It is the goal of this blog to educate future travellers about things that ,ay or ,ay not catch you off guard in your travels or to prepare you to expect the unexpected.  So heres our lesson of the day.  Too often in preparation for this trip Gen and I read that to ,ake it through Europe you will need no less than fifty American dollars a day to survive.  And yo may doubt this because youre very sure of yourself and you think youre "different".  Heres the reality of the situation:  you arent different, dont get a big head, but you absolutely can survive on less than fifty dollars a day.  Right now Gen are zorking on no more than 30 euro a day which falls well under the predictions and expectations of "they" whoever they may be, fools.  You just have to make the effort, such as not taking the Eurostar to go fro, london to paris, which at the time of our travel plans was projected to cost around three hundred euro.  Instead, take a boat, itll cost you no more than 30 euro which before all you nerds pull out your calculators is 10 percent, now loose the pocket protector.  And the other best advice i can giv is grocery stores grocery stores grocery stores.  DO NOT EAT OUT if youre trying to save money, honey.  But so far our best money saving technique has been, in London to stay with our very generous family (no you cant stay there), and in France to meet a nice french man during your travels and convince him to allow you to stay at his flat with a viez of the eiffel tower while he travels the world.  This technique is highly recommended.  And while taking advantage of his hospitality, why not take in the sites?  How about the Louvre?  Or the Eiffel Tower?  Perhaps the Arc de Triumphe or Notre Dame could be fun?  Just dont be what the French call laize et competant.

(yes those are the white cliffs of dover)       

From Gay Paris bypass the Eurostar high speed train to Brussels in lieu of the slower but cheaper regular trains and save yourself 46 euro, your belly will be glad you did cuz once you arrive in Brussels we dare you to try one REAL Belgian waffle - yes this is where they originated - once you pop you cant stop.  But beyond the delicious waffles and chips - you call them fries they call them frites - turns out Brussels is packed full sightseeing deliciousness.  Make your way around the city and see whatever you heart desires, but we recomend the urinal church, the pissing baby, the greatest square in europe - grand'place -  , or just get lost, literally, its easy enough in Brussels, carrying a map around this city is like running the mile in high heels.  Oh and if you have the time and the tolerance make your way over the the Guiness book of World Records place holder recogized as the pub with the most beers in stock at 2004, Delirium.  But its hard to find so but on your beer sleuthing goggles and keep a keen eye out - dont be too jealous, Ed.  Our sampled favorites were, foir Gen, the green apple beer and the raspberry beer, and for me a spontaneously fermented Belgian beer called Gueuze.


Tomorrow after we tour Belgiums oldest brezery we're off to Bruges, another city in Belgium.  Then its Amsterdam, so you may not hear from us for a while...

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I will tell you again USE www.couchsurfing.com. It will save you guys money and change your travel experience! And watch out for the brownies in Amsterdamn, they'll get you....

  ari Jun 8, 2007 5:39 PM


Have to agree on two things here, most awesomenessest square and Delirium rocks!


..Found the city to be quite odd, and yep, forget the maps cos the only way you will find anything there is by getting lost.

  danijela Jun 9, 2007 12:54 AM


Wow--youre on the same trail I was on a couple of weeks ago: London, Brussels and Paris. Enjoy!!

  Tiffany Jun 15, 2007 2:14 PM


glad to see that your appetite has not changed Jake :) we miss you both!!

  Jennichael Jul 6, 2007 11:24 PM

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