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About jakeandgenny

Who are we? Here’s what we know about ourselves so far...

Jake: 26 year old Jewish boy raised outside of Philadelphia by two chronic overachievers hell bent on world domination. At the moment, this nice Jewish boy is employed by an all girls, Catholic university as a recruiter...the irony does not escape him. As it stands, pre-trip, he is 6'2", 185 lbs... that will change. His likes are simple: travel, food, adventure sports, the outdoors, meeting new people, etc, etc. His dislikes are even simpler: stupid people and people that chew like cows...steer clear, and we'll be great friends! On a deeper level, he dreams of showing people everywhere the world through his photography and writing. If he’s not walking on his feet, he’s walking on his hands, and if he’s not right side up, he’s upside down. Constantly moving at twice the speed of normal, he’s always keeping himself busy and occupied.

Genevieve (Genny): 24 year old, soon-to-be Jewish, girl from Philly. The product of two loving practical jokers, her sense of adventure and mischievousness is innate. An insatiable appetite for people-watching, and an eerie magnetism that attracts only the most bizarre thong-wearing homeless, it’s an adventure just being around her. At 5’10” and none-of-you-damned-business lbs, she is truly picturesque in every sense of the word. With a caged artistic side, and a quick laugh, she’s easy to love, and easily loving. Her likes include, but are not limited to: bread, cheese, their dog, Grizzly Bear, and traveling. Her dislikes are shared and simple: men who drink wine coolers, mini-backpacks, and people who don’t smile.

In Genny’s only, and Jake’s second, senior year at Penn State University, they met through mutual friends. Though mutually agreed upon decisions were few and far between for them, among the uncertainty of graduation and “The Real World”, one thing was certain: they wanted to see the world. Though Jake had seen some parts of Europe in the past, Genny’s international experience was limited to New Jersey and Canada, neither of which required a passport. After years of planning and saving, the dream has become a reality, and our first flight departs February 5, 2007 for Auckland, New Zealand.

Follow our blog around the world from New Zealand, to Australia, to Thailand, to Europe on a shoestring.

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