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Saving $$ on Accommodation

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 20 April 2007 | Views [2570] | Comments [1]

Our travels have thus far taken us half-way through AustralAsia; we've done the Austral part, we're working on the Asia part.  So far, we've learned much, and forgotten most of it.  But, we have learned a few things about saving some dough on the road and still keeping up the pretenses of being "FlashPackers".

The following are our top five ways to spend like a pauper and live like a king (and queen). 

Here they are, in no particular order:

3.  Pitch a tent:  Suck it up, weeny, and camp for a few nights.  It'll cut your accommodation costs in half and its a great way to really experience the outdoors.  Additionally, you don't have to worry about sleeping in as the birds will ensure that you won't miss an hour of daylight, which, as it happens, will conveniently convert your tent into a sauna during daylight hours!  Oh, and if you're travelling with your partner and itching for some alone time, this might be the only time you get your own room for under $60, so make like rabbits...

1.  Work for accommodation:  You might have to muck up that manicure and get your hands dirty, but three hours of work a day for one night's accommodation ain't a bad deal.  Some hostels will post signs offering work for accommodation, but if not, just ask at the desk.  Base Hostel chain is a good example of a hostel that offers this, with locations in both NZ and OZ.

5.  Overnight buses:  Recommended by chiropractors everywhere, sleeping in a Greyhound bus seat for 13 hours is the best cure for all that ails you!  What better way to put the past (and that one night stand) behind you than to hop on a bus, pass out and wake up 3000 km away?  If you're lucky, some buses even play movies, and you may even get your own row.  But you're not that lucky, punk.


2.  Airports:  Tired of jet setting around the world and arriving late into one of your exotic destinations, only to spend a night's accommodation fare on a room you'll only be using for four hours?  Sleep at the airport, you spoiled fool!  Taking a late night flight into a city earns you an extra day in said city, plus it eliminates the need for a bed.  Simply arrive, and if you're not already there, head for the international terminal.  Stake your claim, curl up in a ball and catch some Zeds...Zaggot rates the Cairns airport at 5 stars, and give honorable mention to Sydney, Auckland, and Christchurch.  Just be aware of the first departing flight on the next morning in case the pesky security guard feels like doing his job.  And if you're truly feeling devious, you can snag a pillow or two from your flight...we recommend the Qantas pillows.

4.  Party:  Get your nose out of that guide book, and forget the early bird special.  Tonight, we're putting your bags in storage for a scant $4 and putting our best (least wrinkled) clothes on and painting the town red.  Party till the sun comes up and then find a bench or beach to sleep on.  Once the sun comes up, any hostel's TV room is fair game.  These are the nights that you really remember...or not.  These may be the nights that put you on that overnight bus.

Those are them, again, in no particular order.  There are others that may be a bit outside of the law, but we could never really color between the lines when we were kids anyway, could we?  But we'll leave your devious little mind to figure those out for yourself. 

There is one more option:  couchsurfing.com.  Give it a whirl, but know that its a craps shoot.

Hope this helps.

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Couch surfing is awesome. We got 100 nights free accommodation while travelling through europe. We've now got loads of friends we can visit all over the world.

  Ruth Woods May 31, 2010 12:41 PM

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