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Trip: Project Leogane, Haiti

There are [61] stories from my trip: Project Leogane, Haiti

alternate countdown

HAITI | Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | Views [265] | Comments [2]

t-20....20 days until I land back stateside, that is. Things around here suddenly are easier to bear (except the food...that still stinks). The downside to that attitude is that I'm easing up - I can feel it. I think I've held nothing back for the finish ... Read more >


HAITI | Thursday, 19 May 2011 | Views [217]

Whatta weird day. Flag Day here in Haiti. As with any holiday in the host country, All Hands polls our respected and trusted members of the community to get a sense for how the organization should act during the holiday. Can we go out and work? Can ... Read more >


HAITI | Saturday, 14 May 2011 | Views [258]

(forgot to post this one...hahahah) Oh I'm on a roll...muhahaha... This one is terribly short: I was talking with another volunteer here yesterday and he was pondering a question that I myself have ponder time and again. I'd not shared it, but thought ... Read more >


HAITI | Monday, 9 May 2011 | Views [335] | Comments [3]

The other day I was upstairs cleaning up, replacing laundry lines that had rotted in the sun, etc when Geoff walked by and laughed that I was doing improvements the the 'IDP Camp for Blancs' (blancs - that's what the Haitians call us white folk). We both ... Read more >

Photos: Blanc IDP Camping

HAITI | Monday, 9 May 2011 | Photo Gallery

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HAITI | Sunday, 8 May 2011 | Views [201]

Since the break in's that have occurred we have stepped up our security presence on the roof. We have a constant guard on the roof from morning to 10pm when we go lights out and people head to their tents for the night. Additionally, I was asked to put ... Read more >

A few Videos

HAITI | Sunday, 8 May 2011 | Views [152]

Just two little videos of nothing in particular. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_Y2fjkY9wU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgK31VPFw80

t+86 (271 total)

HAITI | Saturday, 7 May 2011 | Views [313] | Comments [3]

Some of you may know that I used to smoke. Smoked quite a lot, actually. 2 packs a day, with a pack of clove cigarettes thrown in for good measure from time to time. But back then we didn't stop working to have a smoke. You smoked. You worked. If you ... Read more >


HAITI | Friday, 29 Apr 2011 | Views [243]

Did you know... ...Your old refrigerators are NOT being destroyed or recycled. They are being used in places like Haiti as full sized ice chests! The best recycling of a consumer good is to put it back into use - ie, reuse! They are all over the place.... Read more >


HAITI | Monday, 18 Apr 2011 | Views [406] | Comments [9]

Note: some bad words in this entry. Wow, talk about a day of massive mood swings: the culmination of Jiella's months of preparation became reality today when we opened a new soccer field complete with hand built bleachers and freshly welded goals with ... Read more >

Photos: School 10 Build

HAITI | Monday, 18 Apr 2011 | Photo Gallery

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HAITI | Sunday, 17 Apr 2011 | Views [236] | Comments [1]

Back from MHB2 in Jacmel. Lounged at Hotel Cyvadie and was happy to do so. Ate a lot, slept a lot, read a lot. Watched a few movies in there somewhere, too. On Wednesday the ocean was particularly calm - calmer than I've seen it on this side of the ... Read more >

Photos: School Build 9

HAITI | Monday, 11 Apr 2011 | Photo Gallery

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t+56 (241 days total)

HAITI | Saturday, 9 Apr 2011 | Views [242]

Pouring the foundation for school 10 Monday. On time...even a few days ahead of schedule. Feeling good. Have a team that's coming together. It's not a team that will necessarily be a multi school team, but it's certainly a team for the duration of school ... Read more >


HAITI | Thursday, 7 Apr 2011 | Views [160]

Monday - made it thru the day. Was actually a pretty good day. We didn't get all done with what I wanted, but we made headway and things are looking up. I spent the weekend relaxing and reflecting. There were a number of people that expressed concern ... Read more >


HAITI | Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 | Views [282] | Comments [3]

I'm hitting the wall here. It's been bubbling up as you might have been able to tell from the slurry of posts I've put up recently. I'm due for a MHB at the end of next week. Today I bailed out of work. I'm just kaput. No physical or mental or emotional ... Read more >


HAITI | Sunday, 27 Mar 2011 | Views [262]

Wow, well we had a bomb dropped on us this morning. We all knew something really big was brewing during this past week or so especially because there were absolutely no rumors filtering around about what it might be. The clamp was down mightily on this ... Read more >


HAITI | Friday, 25 Mar 2011 | Views [238] | Comments [3]

There are many long-timers that seem to be hitting their personal limit on being here in Haiti. The reasons are varied: funds or mental or emotional induced are the common ones. Hell, I'm only a month - well, okay, 1.5 months - into my second stint and ... Read more >

t+ 34 mekradi (wednesday)

HAITI | Friday, 25 Mar 2011 | Views [204] | Comments [1]

See? I'm studying my creole. I actually spoke a few complete sentences this morning while ordering my breakfast. Probably not grammatically correct, but enough that the proprietor of the hotel smiled at me. I'm trying, dammit! The ocean is very active ... Read more >

t+30 - MHB1

HAITI | Friday, 25 Mar 2011 | Views [282] | Comments [2]

Had to go solo on the MHB as nobody seemed to want to go with me. Their loss. OTOH, it allowed me to make great time and have loads of fun on the motorcycle. Belval Plaze (base), Leogane to downtown Jacmal: 1 hour flat. Stoop to stoop (Hotel L'Amite):... Read more >

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