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George and Dion's Great Adventures Follow us on our travels around the world and where ever they may take us, from New Zealand to afar.

So here I am - JAMAICA

JAMAICA | Saturday, 15 Jan 2011 | Views [259]

I left NZ on Monday afternoon and after 2 days of forever traveling (it felt like it not sure if really was!) we made it to Kingston, Jamaica. We were picked up in a mean as van and taken out to the middle of nowhere which is now home. We arrived around ... Read more >

Photos: Jamaica

JAMAICA | Saturday, 15 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

The first week
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Our amazing NZ summer

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 8 Jan 2011 | Views [345]

NZ has been pulling out the amazing weather for the summer so far. We both had a busy Nov/Dec with school groups through the rafting center. This was great for the bank as well as to keep us out of trouble! Xmas was a great day. We headed to Palmerston ... Read more >

Photos: Reasons to Love NZ

NEW ZEALAND | Saturday, 8 Jan 2011 | Photo Gallery

our awesome backyard
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Lots of Snow and a trip to town

CHILE | Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 | Views [376]

Well first month is over and all is well, not much to report, for a few reasons.   The first being that we have had largest snow dump, they said it was the biggest in the last 15yrs. This prevented us from going up the hill to build trails, ... Read more >

Photos: Local town and Bike trails

CHILE | Sunday, 1 Aug 2010 | Photo Gallery

The one day we have been to town, otherwise its all work
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I took a trip to Eildon.

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 | Views [809]

So while Dion is away in chilly Chile I thought it was only fare to go on my own adventure! So I headed over to OZ (1st time ever... I think its because it's so close that I'v never been there) to check out a potential area for us to move to when Dion ... Read more >

Photos: Eildon - OZ

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 25 Jul 2010 | Photo Gallery

OEG staff training week
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1st weekend in Chile

CHILE | Monday, 5 Jul 2010 | Views [375]

So my 1st weekend has been and gone. We arrived here Friday night at the lodge and dinner was on the table for us. Talk about NICE food, don't think I'm going to be loosing weight!! The hard part is getting over the time difference and sleeping through ... Read more >

Photos: Around the House

CHILE | Monday, 5 Jul 2010 | Photo Gallery

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CHINA | Friday, 2 Jul 2010 | Views [272]

Will all is well so far, the guys had some problems with over weight luggage, but that was soon sorted. Flight was long when the plane is full, and felt strange starting the trip flying over NZ towards Napier Hasting, then we flew close to the ice, ... Read more >

Photos: Chile

CHILE | Thursday, 1 Jul 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Chile the next Adventure starts soon

CHILE | Tuesday, 29 Jun 2010 | Views [228]

Hasnt started yet but 2days to go then I depart these shores for Chile for 3 mths. Will keep all posted on the progress.

So we are back in NZ

NEW ZEALAND | Friday, 11 Jun 2010 | Views [370]

So we made it back to NZ almost 2 months ago.... and it has been weird but also good. It was nice to come home while the weather was still good with the colours of the trees looking amazing. Was also great to be able to pick up the dog and go out into ... Read more >

Time has come to an end

CHINA | Sunday, 11 Apr 2010 | Views [385]

We arrived back in Yangshuo on the 31st March. We had to pack up our room then on the 1st headed out on a kayaking/rafting trip with the bosses of Quicksilver. Was a awesome trip and a good way to finish our time here in China. We went hiking in Longshen ... Read more >

Photos: Longshen and Yongshuo

CHINA | Sunday, 11 Apr 2010 | Photo Gallery

Hiking, Monkeys, Climbing and Karst Mountains
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And we can breath again.

CHINA | Tuesday, 30 Mar 2010 | Views [289]

Woohoo, schools are out. That was a super busy March and all the crew here are pretty naffed. Tonight will be a BBQ and beers but not sure how long everyone will last! Have had a choice month being busy. Been hiking in the rain-forest, surfing, camping, ... Read more >

Photos: Around Sanya

CHINA | Saturday, 6 Mar 2010 | Photo Gallery

Rainforests and turtles.
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Its all a little crazy

CHINA | Saturday, 6 Mar 2010 | Views [353]

Once again sorry for the delay in updating our blog but it has been the last thing on our minds! We have now started our crazy mental month and yah 1 week down 3 to go!! So Feb was busy trying to get things sorted for this month. We had some awesome ... Read more >

Just some local days

CHINA | Monday, 15 Feb 2010 | Views [336]

Well Chinese New Year.... WOW how many fireworks can be let off at one go around the area. Would hate to think about how the whole country looked from space!! We were lucky enough to be at home and on the roof watching the biggest ever show. It was worth ... Read more >

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