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UNITED STATES OUTLYING ISLANDS | Sunday, 14 December 2008 | Views [700]

Well, i couldn't have an Hawaiin travel blog without mentioning my two newest austrian friends. Anna and Anna maria. I met them in wood valley temple while staying there. Along with a beautiful girl called Cassandra who gave me a puruvian cross which will hopefully lead me to what i need to find there. Thank you again Cassandra for your generous gift.

Back to Anna, i knew when i saw her sprinkle hot and spicy cayan pepper on her breakfast, that she was the kind of firey woman i not only wanted to know but also to learn from. Anna, when you read this, know that i think you are one of the most inspiring people to have ever met and i feel truely graced to have you as one of my friends. The only odd thing about our newly formed threesome friendship is the fifty year difference between me the yongest member and anna the oldest of our party. She is a testiment to the adagge , you get wise with age. Anna you are an elder i will happily study under. 

So back to the story in hand. My meeting with my metor and guide to all things hawaiian. As i had no lift or way of leaving the temple, i was hoping that my two new friends would offer me a ride down to the local twon were i could catch a bus to Hilo and stay there for a week to wait on my arriving in for christmas. Much to my surprises the two anna's were also heading to hilo to stay in a hostel as their house by the sea, in fact the same bay i had visited with Caroline my first night in big island, where i got all the orb pictures. Grace once again was making sure my path was laid out easily and effortlessly ahead of me. So off we went in Anna's big red people carrier, if youve seen sister act, its like their bus but burgundy red. Anna had of course taken out the back seats to fit all of hers and anna marias luggage into the car. So i was sitting ontop of anna's massage table in the back of the car as we sang and chanted our way to volcano national park which was on route to Hilo. As anna is even more devoted to pele the godess of the volcano than i am, we all hopped out and decided to go for a hike down to the crater floor to pay homage and our respects to madame Pele. When we arrive the Vog was very thick around the creaters edge and we could barely see Halema`uma`u crater, which is the erupting volcano int he park at the moment and also seen as where Pele lives. the volcano is currently errupting in two places, in Halema`uma`u crater since easter 08 (back when i first got the call within me to leave KPMG and head to Hawaii) and all on the side of the mountain which has been erupting since jan 83 (my birthday) Also the last major erruption in Halema`uma`u crater was in March 82 (when i was concieved) So needless to say there is some BIG connection between me and this place and between Madamme Pele and firey Lava flows.

So anyways after praying and connecting with Pele and the other Hawaiin gods, we decide that we will hike down into the caldera. Amazingly it was so Voggy a chokey up at the viewing point yet the minute we decended into the rain forest at the calderas edge the air cleared and we walked down with perfect conditions... Pele was definately lighting our way. This particular walk bring us though my very favourite spot of rain forest as its were the elves live. Even the most closed minded amoung you would feel their presence here. I love it there as im sure that in a past life i have lived among these beutiful creatures and gaurdians of the forest. on down we go to the crater floor where we each take some time to give Pele offerings and meditate and connect with her energy. We sat for such a long time taking photos of the crystal rock on the caldera floor. finally we head back up and im starting to thin.... eliane you have jsut brought an 75 year old woman out hiking into a Live active volcano without nowing her fitness level or what if any excercise she has done lately. i noticed my mind kicking in, and yet, my lesson bac in the temple that i dont have to protect anybody is ringing in my ears. i relax and open up to the rest of our hike up, which of course Anna does with her usual aplomb with anna Maira bringing up the rear behind me, three Goddesses on the march after visiting the most beautiful godess of them all Pele.  When we got back up to the lookout point we were once agian stuck by the Vog and couldn't even see the caldera floor where we had been minutes earlier... Grace and Pele had opened up a way for us, where our minds would of said there was no way, Pele found a way to protect those in her care. So my rpayer is always to trust that Grace and God will open up a way for me to walk to where ever it is to go, even if its dangerous i am safe on my path guided by Grace!

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