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Freedom Elaine's journey home......

I arrived in Hawaii at last

IRELAND | Monday, 10 November 2008 | Views [1161] | Comments [3]

well ive finally managed to cross the pacific and make my way to Hawaii.  

Its beautiful here, and it really looks very much like home with a huge dash of sunshine and heat. In some places it looks just like Jurassic park here. that said there are still towns and Starbucks and roads... i am in the states after all. Nora you would love it, the surf is up and the place is full of surfers, you'd be in heaven catching waves etc.

Ive yet to venture into the land of surfing, keeping my feet in the ground right now.  while crashing out on the beach on my first day here, i got talking to a guy called Brooke who offered to be my guide for the day and drove me all around the north shore of the island which is beautiful.  I had planned on trying the whole bus thing here, but to reach the most beautiful spots you really need to rent a car, so its operation rent a car at the mo on the internet.

I yet again have loads of pics to show you guys, yet this computer wont even see that my camera is attached. I will ask the manager here, if he can sort me out. So i can share some of me pic with you lot.

I headed up to the Hindu temple here today, well actually i hitched up (sorry mum) with a fellow hosteler who has been going up every day since he's been here, and convinced me its worth a visit. And he wasn't wrong either, I spent most of yesterday being terrified, as its a temple to Shiva, and for any of you who know he's the God of all this Shakti i have floating around me at times. So i was really nervous to go there and be in that space.  I was so pleased to find that it felt soft and gentle there, Rosa you would love it. Thank you for talking me out of my fears yesterday, you're my little guiding light, THANK YOU!

So i really got today that now is the time to go inward, i know ive been talking about this for such a long time and Ive been making ever more ridiculous excuses lately. My most recent is that i have no money... Its a lie, i have enough and im sure if God wanted me on this path he has a plan to keep me on it too if i open up and trust. I know there is something on the islands that i have to find, and its becoming ever more obvious, that i am searching for myself and the true God that lies within, that stays awake while i sleep. So here, on the world wide web, i am stating to the universe and all those reading that i am ready now to sit still and see what divine plan the god within has for me, and to promise that i will look at and forgive all that has held me back from being this true shining light that i was born to be. So here goes... for those of you in the know, i'm terrified, but im thinking its better to be terrified than dead to the world. S

So until later,

Love and blessings to you all, i miss you and am thinking of you all.


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Hiya Sweetheart, Well at last I have caught up with your story. I can't believe that I have been missing it. Me and technology not great. It was so lovely to chat this evening. Hope you enjoy your last few days there. Enjoy your trip to Maui. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  Anne Daly Nov 16, 2008 10:40 AM


Hi Elaine
I just got to pick up your trip now as I am over visiting Rossa in Edinburgh - it sounds absolutely fantastic - you lucky duck. You must be so looking forward to having Anne over in a few weeks- time is just flying by. Jane says hi - she is studying like mad at the moment. They have a yucky mouse in their flat that has gone MIA
hope to catch up on your trip again soon
love and best wishes from bonny scotland
Celine & Rossa

  Celine & Rossa Nov 21, 2008 10:27 AM



checked out your blog ..... sounds like you having an amazing time!Must be amazing to be sitting in the sun its bloody freezing over here. No news here just getting ready for xmas ... will send you a proper email to your address

Hope all is good
Lizanne x

  Lizanne Nov 30, 2008 6:02 AM



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