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BIG island

UNITED STATES OUTLYING ISLANDS | Thursday, 4 December 2008 | Views [1223] | Comments [1]

well, whis is my fouth and final attempt to write on this blog. Ever time it has deleted itself or crashed, so this time i am feeling lucky and believe its going to keep going till i have my story told!

So where to begin, its been an age since i wrote anything here, and in truth, so much has happened its hard to know what to write. Hawaii is amazing, which each island having its own distinct flavour.  Thus far, my all time fav is Big island. Its amazing here. The energy is like nothing else i have ever felt. Its stong and powerful yet also so gentle and loving.

Kaui, was so different, and so very like ireland it was bizarr. Everyone kept going on about how lush it was etc, and all i could think of was so what, its lush at home?!? That said it is a beautiful place and i had some great times there. I found a beautiful hindu temple to shiva as i mentioned in my last blog i think, which i really lovied, ended up heading there alot to center myself and meditate in the mornings, before heading off to hike or swim or sometimes both. They even have a mini grand canyon there, call waimea canyon. Its cool,yet after seeing the real thing just a few weeks before, it wasn't high on my wow list. For me that was the napli coastline... Truely awesome, its been left the way all of kauai once was, and that was truley breath taking and well worth a visit. Did my first hike on my own there for close on 12 miles, and loved it. It was so special to be out among the trees and birds for such a long time on my own. I really have fallen for the nature here and hiking in a big way. It feels like not quite a full day if i haven't had my hiking boots on at least once. that said, when you take them off and hope back into the flip flops... such heaven!

So onto Maui, wellthis for me was the party island... It is beautiful as well as the other islands, yet it was missing something for me. its very resorty and a bit too americanised for me. Yet that said, i made some great friends and had a great laugh in the hostel i stayed at. Its was called the banana bungalo. I chose it cos it had free tours so i didn't bother hiring a car to get around. I was the only irish person traveling there, which actually to mention it i haven't met another irish person since arizona in my second week of traveling. Loads of germans, swiss, canadians and Brazilians though! So needless to say i did the irish proud in my drinking and am glad to say was last up most nights. Had fun,yet the hangovers were not worth it, and by the time i left with Caroline i was aching for some peace and quiet. The party atmosphere, got old quicky. I think im much more of an outdoors type, who enjoys the odd pary rather than the constant chat chat chat party party party type.  I think i knew this all ready yet it is good to see it happening in anpther country so i know its not just my reaction to teh irish way of life.  Just noticed that i keep spelling things a little off as i type, sorry about that, this computer doesn't have a spell check and i dont have the patience to go back and fix things. So this is how it is..

So this brings me to BIG Island. Andrew Smith was right, this place is fab! and whats more i feel more at home on this land than i have ever done back in ireland. That said Pele the godess of the volcano's here is kicking my ass.  For all of you inthe know, i have been on a spirtual jounry or quest for a number of years now, clearing out old uneeded behaviours and fears, so i can better serve this world as a cleaner vessal for god to flow through. I feel what i am up to is best summarised by the the quote mum hung on my wall for years...

What you are is God's gift to you... What you become is your gift to God....

Well for me i want to be the dam best gift ever!

So hence my ditching of the corperate world, where to all accounts i was doing very well in and heading off to hawaii to "find myself". So the question is what have i found....???

Well it has to be said, i have found me a precious little gem that has been hiding under a heap of terror, lies and sham for years and years. And every morning i awake with yet another way in which i am hiding myself from the world. So needless to say to those in my line of work, my shit is up in my face big time! Past lives, yonger me's all of it you name it and ive emotionally gone through it the past few weeks. That said, every day i have amazing insites and i truely do feel connected to everyone and everything. Even my meditation practice is improving as my mind's grip and my ego's pride is loosening its grip. Ive even started hitch hiking... which for me went against every old rule of self preservation int he book. Yet, every time, the nicest of people have picked me up and i feel truely blessed and taken care of in this world.

Last night i went to a talk on huna.. the acient Hawaiin shamanism/religion. It was really interesting. And the one peice of truth that realy hit home for me, is the fact that..

Change is inevitable even more so than death. And our only job inlife is to manage our reaction to change, it doesn't even matter what way we handel it, whether we are pro change or pro the old ways, what matters is how you feel while changing. Are you doing what you love? Are you happy to adapt? If not what rules are these changes breaking? what are the stresses? Maybe its time you looked at some of you old rules and changed or got rid of them all together instead of worrying about the enevitable change.

For me that was exactly what i have been coming to over the past few weeks so it was lovely to hear it repeated back to me from an external source, so i repeat it bakc to you, in case any of you need the confirmation, that life is indeed change, and the only choice you have is to magage how you choose to react to the changes ahead.

On that note, i say goodbye for now, thrilled that the computer has held up for me to write this.

Heading of to a buddest temple for a week to sit and be still, so wh knows what changes will have occured by the time i write agian.

Love and blessings


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Hi Elaine, Delighted at last to read Big Island blog. Hope you enjoyed your time inTemple. I'm really excited about my trip see you soon. Love Mum

  Anne Daly Dec 10, 2008 8:29 AM



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