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Freedom Elaine's journey home......

My vision quest part 2

USA | Wednesday, 15 October 2008 | Views [524] | Comments [2]

So my second and third days did not dissapoint by any means.  although very different to the first day, they were great adventures.  the second day we went to Loy canyon, where there were ancient indian ruins.  It was a real treat to be there and to sit and meditate in such an anchient 1000 year old space. Reading through my diary, one phrase stands out for me...

"Today was an AWE-SOME fillled day. It was so special and one i will remember forever as the day the wilderness found me!. "

the day started of with us walking into a small group of Havalenas. They are so cutes, for htose of you not in the know they are wild pigs and it is very rare to see them out in the canyons they usually stay well clear of us humans. So i feel pretty blessed to have come across them.

The rest of the day flowed beautifully, with us climbing up to the indian ruins. the energy there was quiet something. I was so proud of myself climbing over to the far sid e of the ledge to go to the solo cave. I was so terrified, yet, i kept getting that i was safe, so i braved the terror and got to sit there for an age and soak up the energy and the magnificent views.

The third day was i think my favourite of the three, cos wait for it... I petting a live Snake!!!!

I know me and a snake, who knew... yet another sign of transformation and healing to cross my path. As we were driving up to Sicamore canyon, there was a snake right on the dirt road, so we hopped out to see if i could touch it and tune into its energy and see if it had a message for me. The sanke just lay there for what seemed like an age and then above us two hawks appeared out of nowhere and circled us for what felt like 10 mins... an unheard of length of time for a wild bird. Finally when i got (with the help of Keith) that the hawls were saying that it was safe to touch the snake, they left and i went over to the snake, which curled up around a rock.  It took me an age, but i finally plucked up the courage to bend doan and stroke its tail!! Wow WOw WOW... words cant express, the feelings, i think i still might be a little elated!  Truely and amazing experience! The rest of the day followed suit, with the culmination of a fab swim int eh swimming hole in the canyon. See the picks, tis like eden! Magnificent. I would recommend it to all!!



hi elaine,

Sounds like you are having a great experience. It is great to read your blogs. Where do I see your photos - it is probably very easy but I dont see anywhere to click.

What are you eating and are you camping out. How many are on your trip with you and where are they from.

Keep up the blogs, lovely to hear from you.

Love Yvonne.

  yvonne murray Oct 21, 2008 2:58 AM


Hi Sweetheart, Its so lovely to hear all about your trip and the photos are beautiful. I could see your Dad enjoying taking these phots too of where all the cowboy movies were made. It looks the real thing!You were blessed in having Keith for the 3 days and I see his wife went with you too. Well done on the snake touch - so here's to amazing transformation.... so who knows who I'll be spending Christmas with... Enjoy every moment of it all. Looking forward to hearing the next chapter of you camping in the caynon. Taking an easy day (tuesday) Valerie & Siobhan & Ruth(from Germany & Belfast) & Terrie went to kiss the Blarney stone yesterday. Val thought we were messing when we said she had to kiss the stone!! She thought we were spinning her a warn. We had great fun. Got your hug from Val too. W/e was very good, we had 26 + 6 trainers + 3 of team. All asking for you and wanting to know how you were getting on. Lovely day in Bray, sun shining, I'm going for walk soon and may call on Maeve for chat. Love you loads. chat soon. Mum XX

  Anne Daly Oct 21, 2008 10:30 PM

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