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Shuttle ride to Sedona from Phoenix

USA | Tuesday, 14 October 2008 | Views [921]

Oh my god!!! Its hot here!! Did i mention that i love the Sun.. sine you would be in heaven! I could deffo get used to this, blue sky, warm hot sun, no humidity.... No wonder i was rushing of Irish soil this heat actually makes you happy. 

So i left my Ramada hotel room at 10 (after an unconscious like sleep after been awake for 24 hours travelling) to find my way to my Sedona phoenix shuttle. If you even need it (
www.sedona-phoenix-shuttle.com . I was the only one on this 2 hour trip, so i had my driver all to myself so it was like my personal guide to Arizona and Sedona. Here starts my did you know section!...

that Arizona is the only place where the Saguaro Cactus grows... its this beautiful Cactus which can be hundreds of years old, which can hold up to 1,500 gallons (5,678 liters) of water in its tissues. Amazing eh?!

Also this cool cactus has never been grown from seed, as it needs 3 perfect growing seasons in a row to take root.  How cool is that, us humans still cant master over nature like that :) the only thins is these beautiful trees, are dying off in the hundreds cos of pollution and smog.  It begs the question if this highly sensitive plant is unable to exist in our polluted society, how are our systems and bodies coping with all the pollution and electromagnetic stresses we are under constantly, even as we sleep.

im not saying go back to the dark ages, but it does cause me to think about our delicate ecosystem and how we are destroying this that gives us life at an alarming rate.

Anyway's enough of that, back to my lovely bus ride to Sedona... Did you know that sedona is world renowned as being a high energy site, as it has many Vortex energy sites.

Vortex's are simply enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring your relationship with your Soul and the divine.  I believe that they can be anywhere you walk consciously and bring a prayerful attitude too.  however there are certain sites all over the world where the lines blurr and energy and healing is enhanced. Sedona is one of those sites. So I was so pleased to have driver, who so open to energy work and the true sacredness of sedona.  He explained all about the Indians and how they knew years ago that Sedona was a sacred site and yet they never settled here, as they saw the energy her as been too strong and they always left this area before night fall.

The drive was around 2 hours and i have to say it was the most enjoyable bus journey i have ever taken. I would recommend the shuttle to anyone, if only for an amazing chat, about all things from Cactus to Energy, to great meditation and hiking spots around the area.

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