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Continental Divide Trail 2011 close to 3000 miles through new mexico, colorado, wyoming and montana. May 1 start date.

sierra city: mile 1197/ quick stop in Sacramento

USA | Monday, 13 July 2009 | Views [460] | Comments [2]

I am currently in Sacramento. I am taking a few zero days to see Amadou and Mariam/ Coldplay in Sacramento and will be able to see some friends while I am here. I walked into the 2-block town of Sierra City last night with my good trail friends Socks and Eric the Red. I met them at the beginning of the hike, way back in the desert. Socks and I walked for 5 days together and Eric the Red joined us the last two days. We called ourselved the Dilly Dally Crew and took our sweet time. Eric and I even went so far as to come up with the "Pimp my Pack" idea. We plan to stop at a craft store to get gold fabric, jewels and other bling to pimp our packs. I may even attack a portable DVD player to my pack so he can watch movies while we hike. We will then be taking applications so that you too can have your pack pimped. =) It was a pleasant 100 miles, although I hurt my foot again and am using these next few days to rest it. Halfway from Tahoe, Socks and I stumbled upon another trail angel couple at Pooh Corner. They housed 16 of us one night and fed us until we were full. It is insane how much we can eat out here on the trail. For example, I went out to eat last night and didn't think I was very hungry but I ended up eating a veggie burger, my fries, other people's fries, someone else's baked potato, bread, and even some straight up butter packets, some ranch dressing and then an entire brownie sundae and I still could have eaten more. I amaze myself with my eating ability these days.

I have also been spending a lot of time reflecting and learning as I walk. The thru-hiker community is getting smaller but stronger. We've been hiking together almost 3 months now. I feel lost being in Sacramento and look forward to being on the trail again.

Also, I still don't have a trail name. Well, I have about 25. The latest: Dilly Dally.



Hey Emily,
This is the first time I visited this site so soaking up all your stories and photos. Also sorry to see that your Dad passed away. Must have been hard whilst you were on the hike.
Steffi is still getting bigger and the due date of 28th Sept approaching rapidly. We've already bought 3 baby backpacks so maybe we can meet you on the trail with some diapers as you yanks call them! We even bought a house here in Nelson! Seems a world away from the days of travelling and tramping all over the world.
So have you changed your tramping name from Dragonfly to Dilly Dally? I guess still begins with a D! Hope your foot is improving. Don't worry about replying as I know you won't have anytime during internet stops. Here's a link to see us on Kepler track on You Tube. You're really famous now. Or should I say infamous!


Take care and our thoughts go with you.
Dave and Steffi x

  DAVID COX Jul 17, 2009 8:03 AM


I hope you enjoy Coldplay , I just saw them last week in L.A , they put up a great show !!!I know how you felt when you away from the trail !!! in 2005 , i took 3 zero days to have a little surgery on my stap infection in Tahoe, i felt helpless, but the buffets and Tear For Fear concert cheer me up !!! keep hiking !!!

  Dat Nguyen aka D.O.T (Director Of Trail) PCT 05 & At 07 Jul 30, 2009 7:50 AM

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