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Bangkok Madness – The return ...

THAILAND | Tuesday, 20 January 2009 | Views [1072] | Comments [1]

Yeah, I need to lose a bit of weight, I know...Onwards...

Bangkok truly is a huge city. Returning from Ko Phi Phi, Robin and I have landed again on Kaohsan Road also known as Backpacker's heaven. This time I was firmly decided to see more of the city and it has been a success. Robin has had a painful swollen throat for a few days and has decided to go to an expensive hotel to enjoy the comfort of a 5 star hotel at the price of a 2 stars in Geneva. He is leaving back to holland today. I will be continuing my visit in Thailand in Chiang Mai which should be much colder and quiet than the capital of the country.

Meanwhile, I have been walking around the Koahsan road area, which is packed with temples and interesting parks and building. I have been taking pictures like a japanese tourist on steroid (reminder to reader : « Say NO to drugs »). Over the past few days:

-I went to a thai boxing stadium to watch a few matches. I was surprised at the body size and age of the fighters. The first match was between two 12 years old boys (weighing about 41 kg) who did not make any favor to each other. The highlight of the match was between two 20 years old (weighing exactly 60 kgs each) and it was not for the faint hearted. The match ended after the fighter in blue short repetedly hit the other boxer with a dozen of knee hits in the stomach. He then fell on the floor and the referee interrupted the match. Quite enlightening.

I went to the national museum where I managed to catch up on all the thai history I had never been exposed to. I now have the basics of thai history, no sure for how long though...The rest of the museum enabled me to also learn more about thai culture and artefacts. I am not much of a museum lover, yet going to the national museu enabled me learn a lot and since I was on my own, I did it at my own pace which rocked.

-I also visited to the Gloden mount, which a temple build by Rama IV (who as the king was partly in charge of promoting the buddhist religion). It has been built on the top of a hill and going to the top enables one to have a great view on the magnificent city of Bangkok and its surroundings.

-I went on a day trip to see the floating marketing which was real fun (pics are included in the « Bangkok Madness – The Return » photo album). Then there was another snake show which I happily passed on. We then went to the Kwai River Bridge, made famous by the film from the sixties. The view was very nice but guess what : once again, I forgot to load my camera batteries. Thankfully, there were two koreans girls on the day trip who accepted to take pics for me and send them – so keep your fingers crossed to see the pictures. The nearby World War 2 museum was merely a pile of junk mixed with a building site. You know how I like to be optimist but this time it was really not worth the visit. The day trip ended with the visit of the holiest pagoda in Thailand, but I forgot the name. Was huge and magnificent though. Oh, and if you are disappointed with the lack of precision of my explanations, I recommend that you go check it yourself, it is really worth it.

So what's next ? Well, I am now going to the north of Thailand : Chiang Mai. I'll take the buse tonight aroud 6pm t arrive at 6am the next day. This is not a sleeping bus BUT roads are way better in Thailand than in Vietnam so I might be able to get some sleep :) Coool !

Stay plugged, there is more coming !


PS to my niece: Provence, there are many elephant pics for you in my latest photo album; I hope you like them ;)

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We still be unhappy, cause we didn't received any postcards from asia !

Remember : it was the punishment that the "muroises pas contentes"'s group had decided to inflict to you.

So we're waiting for these postcards, and we hope to accept it so quickly.

We are so sad to note that someone believed, in the previous article, that we should forget. But it's wrong, we're always there, and we will come again !

Miss Von Flutet,
Miss Maingaude,

For the "fofolles pas contentes" 's group.

PS : I get a new job, in Lyon Vaise.

  Renaud Jan 24, 2009 6:26 PM



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