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Leaving party - destination change and departure

FRANCE | Monday, 1 December 2008 | Views [1675]

Hey guys,

As promised, the second post on this blog is in english. So to keep you up to date there has been a few events:

-My leaving party titled "Cedric se la tchave en Asie" was a great success and so much fun that my ribs are still hurting now after laughing so hard. The theme was "Asia", offering people to show up dressed according to the theme or with at least an accessory. In the end we were around 25 people in my house in Sergy (France) eating spring rolls, terriyaki chicken and other delicious asian delicacies with half the people wearing at least an accessory. I got hold of a brilliant Geisha costume and really had a great time with it until 6am in the morning. I woke up the next afternoon feeling so greatful for being friend with so many great people. Thanks to all of you and for those who could not make it, Well...you missed out so bad ! Anyways I am already thinking of doing a return party, so you'll get another chance. To check out the pics that were taken, just go there:


-I changed plans and will probably not go to Thailand unless things over there take a 180° turn. I heard earlier on the news that foreigners trying to leave the country might take up to one month be able to fly back to where their home country. Instead, I will be going to Vietnam from the 9th of december until the 26th approximately. I heard it is a beautiful country and in a more stable situation politically. In the meantime I'll take some time to recover from the long flight from Geneva to Singapour and get to see the city for a few days while William passes exams or something like that.

Finally, I am just about to finish packing and emtying my room: it is 4 am and I am wondering whether I should keep going with preparing or taking a few hours sleep and rush tomorrow morning. I'll take the plane from Geneva airport at 2pm so I gotta get there at noon...

Until next time :)


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