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7 months of Bulldust

The last leg……. And some final musings

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 15 September 2010 | Views [871] | Comments [4]

As Ethan mentioned in his last epistle we have been taking a leisurely sojourn down the eastern seaboard, and since the last update we have stopped at St Helen’s Beach, Byfield State Forest (beautiful campsite but was inhabited by swarms of hungry march flies – obviously very confused however as it is September NOT March!), Agnes Waters (near 1770), and a brief lay over in Gympie to re-charge and re-stock supplies before heading to Inskip Point for a final week of “holiday” camping before heading home.


I cannot believe that 7 months are nearly over.   In the beginning 7 months stretching out in front of us seemed like it would take forever, and yet it has passed us by in what seems like a blink of an eye.  It is probably therefore an important opportunity to be a bit reflective about the trip as a whole in this blog, and there are some important messages and learning’s to pass along!


  • Ours is a spectacularly beautiful, diverse and large country, and it has been an incredible and wonderful experience to travel around it’s perimeter (with the odd foray into it’s interior).
  • We are a dry, dry continent.  Academically, I am sure we all knew that before setting out, but a trip like this one has certainly highlighted that you don’t need to travel far from the coast (particularly in WA) to find the land dry, brown, dusty and crunchy underfoot, & sparsely populated by skinny unhappy looking cattle.  Of course, even in such harsh arid areas if we took the time to get out of the car and looked there was amazing examples of beauty and flora.
  • Again, although we knew there was a reasonable amount of mining in WA and QLD academically, this trip has highlighted just how much of Australia is being mined.  I won’t add any further on that issue…. Could occupy lots of space.
  • Our animal and bird life in Australia is as diverse and spectacular as our country.  And, if you are quiet, still and watchful you are lucky enough to see it!
  • It is my observation that it is easy for people (including me) to travel without really seeing.  But this trip has been a constant reminder to be in the moment…to be still ….. and really ‘see’ where we are, enjoying everything that each location and experience has to offer.
  • Whilst I would recommend this type of adventure to everyone, it is probably important to invest in a ‘Steve’ or equivalent model.  Steve has been the one who researched foreign concepts (to me) such as 4 WD capability, recovery gear, modifications to camping gear and car, power sources, lighting, uhf radio, eperbs etc etc.  All the specialist knowledge that made this trip safely possible, and even, dare I say it …. Comfortable.
  • I believe there should be some mandatory requirements for those folk wishing to travel such as:    a)  Completion and annual reaccreditation in the “Burying my own excrement course for beginners”!!!!!  It has not ceased to amaze me that when toilets are not provided or when folk have not purchased their own chemical toilet, that they do not take responsibility for appropriately burying their business!

b) Certification in campground etiquette.  Which includes such gems as noise, and intrusive behaviour.

c)  Completion of training in “ You Carry It In – You Carry It Out”.  A short course in rubbish removal and disposal.

d)  Accreditation in 4WD courtesy.  Including topics such as:  when to wave; and … when approaching another vehicle on a dirt road …SLOW DOWN and move to the left to protect both of your windscreens! Etc.



Having said all of the above (somewhat tongue in cheek), can I also add, that by far and away we have met marvelous wonderful people on the road.  Great characters, story tellers, and genuinely nice folk.  Young people, international backpackers, couples, families, retiree’s from all walks of life.  Invariably they have been interesting, friendly, cheerful, a font of knowledge, and fun to be around.  We are privileged to have had the opportunity to meet them all and to share some of their tall tales but true.


Finally, a trip like this one reminds us of the things we hold dear.  You,…. Our family and friends, and the life that we have created in our little corner of the world.


Thank you all for sharing our trip with us.  A trip like this could be quite lonely away from you all, but knowing that you were reading along with us, and getting the occasional message really helped us to feel connected with you all.


See you soon!!!!


(we are already planning the next trip!!)




I hope you had a brilliant time in Western Australia,Northan Terrator and Queenland you must be extrimily tird . I can't whiet uintil you get back on tuseday. I missed you a lot. ☺☻♥U♣♠•◘♀♪♫☼►◄↕.♥ NIMAH.

Everybody in 5ch can't wait until you get back Ethan, only 3 more days now. I hope you have had a wonderful 7 MONTHS OF BULL DUST.
Have you done all your work? I probably shouldn't talk about school and just let you enjoy the end of your journey but, next term we are learning about the gold rush and we've got an absolutely awesome excursion up ahead of us. I hope we can fit into your busy schedule when you return, to catch up!!!
From your buddy, Asher◄◘► ☺☻

   Asher & Ni'mah Sep 18, 2010 6:05 PM


Hi Leanne, Ethan & Steve
Now for our final message...
We’ve treasured tracking your enduring travels of a decent chunk of our vast country though we’re immensely joyous that your return is forthcoming. It would have been wonderful to greet you, in your final few days up North but alas it was not possible, nevertheless, we are thinking of you tonight – visualising you on the seafront, with a cold glass of favoured brew by your side, wiggling sand between your toes while angelically soaring through (or listening to) an assembled repertoire of collected pieces since your journey’s creation. Enjoy! Remember that first photo – geared up to make tracks without an inkling of what was to unfold – the story of adventure! We all judge it as extraordinary – hope you all did too and may those memories continue with you all evermore and inspire many more pleasures in your future. Lots of Love, Tezz XOX

  Terri Sep 18, 2010 8:01 PM


Congratulation Guys,

If you weren't before you are definitely full of 'Bull Dust' now. And I'm looking forward to you sharing it all over a gathering of fine food and beverages to match. Its a shame we couldn't catch you on the final leg. But as usually our time management skills have let us down again.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  Adrian Sep 18, 2010 8:36 PM


You have been very generous in sharing your journey. Thank you. It has been fantastic; both the inciteful commentary and the accompanying photos. Although you may be somewhat sad that your epic adventure is drawing to a close, many of us in Brisbane are very excited that you will soon be back. Can't wait to catch up with you in person again. The wine is chilling. And what's more, the forecast is for rain. Good to see that you have remained consistent throughout!!!
Lots of love

  Doris Sep 18, 2010 8:54 PM

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