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INDONESIA | Monday, 25 August 2014 | Views [581]

At Gapang Beach we walked along the beach/jungle edge for an hour and two lovely dogs adopted us and came with us for the walk.  The water was a bit murky in the shallows so we walked up the pier beside an enormous abandoned resort that didn’t look very old, & jumped in the water from there. 


After our snorkel we found that for the second time in Indonesia we were in a place so quiet, that there was no transport available.  We approached a young man fixing a table and offered him money to drive us to Iboih village.  Beside him was a motorbike with a sidecar ute tray attached.  It looked like the type of vehicle that would be used to carry trays of eggs, or giant ice blocks, or palm fronds or a gaggle of primary school children.  We hopped in, wearing our dripping wet snorkeling gear.  I sat on top of my rubber thongs on the wooden boards to make the journey slightly more comfortable.  We made it about 120 metres & ran out of fuel. 


We gave our driver some fuel money & he ran off, borrowed someone else’s motorbike & zoomed off to buy petrol.  He returned with a plastic bag of petrol.  He bit a hole in the plastic bag & poured in the fuel and off we went.

 Our driver bit a hole in this bag of fuel & poured it in.

Back in our room, we showered in our bathroom with a view of the sea, phoned our driver Ivan with the more comfortable motorbike transport & walked into town to meet him.  He drove us to Japanese bunkers all around the north east coast of Pulau Weh, leftover from the Japanese occupation of 1942-3.  The bunkers have the best real estate on the island.  The views from them are spectacular.  The horizon appears to be a million miles away. 


We drove along some roads less travelled on the island.  One road was so steep downhill, I thought we might tip forward in our becak & roll over, head over heels style.  We passed goats clambering up a rubble covered hill & little children in their front yards yelling out to us “Hello!  Photo!”


We did a little bit of four wheel driving on a dirt track and at the end of a steep downhill, we came across a gate blocking access to a bitumen road that our driver wanted to be on.  Two men who were passing by helped Dave & Ivan to lift the vehicle semi-sideways, up and over the gate.  We hopped back in & drove off.  No problem.  We headed back to our beach village, driving through beautiful forested twists & turns on the best roads we’ve encountered in Indonesia, with monkeys scampering about on the road’s edge.  

Running out of fuel in our uncomfy sidecar hitchhike!

Running out of fuel in our uncomfy sidecar hitchhike!

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