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Graham Williams & Louise Jones Travel Blog This is our journal logging our trip through Central and Latin America from July 2005 to the present date. We update it and add new pictures every two to three weeks. At the moment Will is travelling in South Africa, while Lou is living in Buenos Aires.For more background reading on our travels go to - http://journals.worldnomads.com/will/

Trip: Central America

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PANAMA | Saturday, 17 Dec 2005 | Views [1337] | Comments [3]

For the past few weeks we have been travelling around Panama. We first went to the mountain town of Boquete, which is famous for its coffee and good climate, so good its being colonized by American retirees. Close by is Panamas only volcano, now extinct, ... Read more >

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Costa Rica

COSTA RICA | Thursday, 1 Dec 2005 | Views [878]

Last week we were at the quiet beach of Samara on the north west coast of Costa Rica, swimming in the sea in the mornings and watching the surfers in the afternoons when the bigger waves had built up. A long day of buses and a wait in a tiny agricultural ... Read more >

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Granada, Lake Nicaragua and Pacific Coast

NICARAGUA | Thursday, 17 Nov 2005 | Views [1119] | Comments [2]

Over the last couple of weeks we have traveled through Nicaragua and have now arrived in Costa Rica. Nicaragua was a great country to travel in, some really outstanding and accessible sights and lovely towns. It was also very relaxed, hardly a pump action ... Read more >

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El Salvador and Northern Nicaragua

EL SALVADOR | Wednesday, 2 Nov 2005 | Views [2068]

Last week we saw some of tiny El Salvador. It is beautifully green and mountainous but, like some other countries in Central America, it has a violent past and not many tourists come here. We visited the old colonial city of Santa Ana and then got a bus ... Read more >

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Honduras and Lago de Atitlan

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 25 Oct 2005 | Views [983]

Last week we left Antigua to spend a week or so in Honduras. We visited the Mayan ruins at Copan and had planned to head to the coast to stay on the Bay Islands. We had to cancel this trip as Hurricane Wilma brewed up and the coast was put on Hurricane ... Read more >

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Effects of Tropical Storm Stan

GUATEMALA | Tuesday, 11 Oct 2005 | Views [771]

We have spent the last week in beautiful Antigua which has been little affected by the destruction wrought by Tropical Storm Stan in large parts of Guatemala.  The death toll for the country is now over 600, with tens of thousands of homes washed away ... Read more >

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Antigua, Guatemala and Tropical Storm 'Stan'

GUATEMALA | Wednesday, 5 Oct 2005 | Views [1392]

We are writing this from Antigua in Guatemala where we are experiencing Tropical Storm Stan. This storm is far to the north of us in Mexico but it has meant that we have had three days of heavy rain which is beginning to effect the country. A bridge has ... Read more >

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BELIZE | Saturday, 24 Sep 2005 | Views [864]

We have spent the last ten days in Belize - a small country of little over a quarter of a million people. (If you collected stamps as a kid then Belize is what used to be British Honduras.) Belizeans are a diverse mix of the descendants of English eighteenth ... Read more >

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