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Granada, Lake Nicaragua and Pacific Coast

NICARAGUA | Thursday, 17 November 2005 | Views [1036] | Comments [2]

Over the last couple of weeks we have traveled through Nicaragua and have now arrived in Costa Rica. Nicaragua was a great country to travel in, some really outstanding and accessible sights and lovely towns. It was also very relaxed, hardly a pump action shotgun in sight, quite a contrast to El Salvador and Guatemala. After Leon we traveled up into the coffee growing hills and visited a plantation, where the coffee harvest was under way. Most of these farms were set up by German immigrants in the 19th Century, and are still owned by the same families. The one we went to had created a German village which you could stay in, called the The Black Forest. We then passed quickly through Managua to Granada, a lovely colonial town where we spent a week. It is on the shore of Lake Nicaragua, the tenth largest lake in the world and is surrounded by volcanoes, a couple of which we went to top of. Volcan Mombacho which is permanently covered in cloud, has evolved a dripping tropical cloud forest around its crater. At Volcan Masaya which is active you could look directly into the crater through clouds of sulfurous steam. The Spanish thought it was the entrance to hell, so they erected a cross on its lip. We also swam in lake formed by a caldera, the water warmed by the hot springs that feed into it. From Granada went to the Pacific coast for a couple of days at the beach at San Juan del Sur. This area has been discovered by Americans who are buying up land and building sea view holiday homes as fast as they can find the people to put them up. A few years ago their government was spending billons feeding a civil war here; now theyre falling over themselves to invest their money, but Americans never understand irony. We crossed over to the island of Ometepe which is in Lake Nicaragua for a few days. The weather was bad while we were there so we moved south, across the border to Liberia in Costa Rica. Our next move will be back to the Pacific coast for some more beach.

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If the politicians that supported the civil war were the ones investing the money for holiday homes, that would be ironic.
The fact that most Americas did not support this 'cause' that our goverment forced should make some mention.
Should no Brits buy property in India or Belize?
Should no Spaniards buy property anywhere in South America?
Americans DO understand irony.
What I think is ironic is how much America bashing goes on but everyone would LOVE to have a green card to come live and work here.

  Darcy Tucker May 13, 2006 2:54 AM


We are not suggesting that people should not be allowed to buy property where ever they want. When the British were in India and Belize they did leave a few things behind, like the democratic progress and the rule of law. America only intervened in Central and Latin America in order to keep their right wing cronies in power, no matter how many people got tortured or killed. Training grounds for terrorists (freedom fighters), America invented those. Why do Americans always think that because poor people want to go to America, that they have a better quality of life? If America is so good, why are Americans moving to Nicaragua?

  willlou May 16, 2006 3:06 AM

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