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Graham Williams & Louise Jones Travel Blog This is our journal logging our trip through Central and Latin America from July 2005 to the present date. We update it and add new pictures every two to three weeks. At the moment Will is travelling in South Africa, while Lou is living in Buenos Aires.For more background reading on our travels go to - http://journals.worldnomads.com/will/


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The Last Post

INDIA | Sunday, 25 Mar 2007 | Views [1545] | Comments [1]

After our trek we arrived back in Pokhara and then traveled on to the Chitwan National Park. We had an eventful journey there as there was a road block on one of the main roads. This had been set up by some villagers because some children had been hit ... Read more >

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Northern India and into Nepal

INDIA | Saturday, 24 Feb 2007 | Views [1175]

From Jaipur we went to the bird reserve at Bharatpur and had a pleasant day cycling and bird watching.  But the fabled spoonbills, Siberian cranes and other migrant water birds have deserted the reserve due to a lack of water.  This is a big issue in ... Read more >

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Temples and Palaces

INDIA | Friday, 2 Feb 2007 | Views [1922] | Comments [1]

Lou and I met up in Mumbai on January 12 th and after a couple of days set off to the Deccan Plateau to explore the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The Ajanta caves were cut by Buddhists into the side of a river canyon, and contain complete temples and prayer ... Read more >

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The Pampas, the beach and Patagonia

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 9 Jan 2007 | Views [1259]

  In mid December my sister Anita flew out to join me (Louise) here in Argentina for a two week holiday.  We spent a few days in Buenos Aires and then went to an estancia for three days of horse riding and country living.  The ranch was enormous with ... Read more >

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On to East Africa

TANZANIA | Monday, 11 Dec 2006 | Views [1279]

After a short stay in Livingstone I took the bus to Lusaka , the capital of Zambia . I should have stayed in Livingstone longer as the day I traveled was one of the very few I’ve been ill on this trip, with very bad guts. A most unpleasant journey ... Read more >

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ZIMBABWE | Monday, 27 Nov 2006 | Views [1878]

The final destination of my overland truck was Victoria Falls, which is on the borders of three countries, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, and our truck spent the weekend on the Zimbabwe side. Zimbabwe has a reputation as being one of the basket ... Read more >

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Northern Namibia and Botswana

BOTSWANA | Sunday, 19 Nov 2006 | Views [1332]

Since my last update I have traveled across Northern Namibia and Botswana to Victoria Falls. Along the way our overland truck visited a couple of National Parks, which were full of the most spectacular wildlife. After leaving the Skeleton Coast ... Read more >

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Staying in Buenos Aires

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 19 Nov 2006 | Views [952]

I have been in Buenos Aires for the last seven weeks working on my Spanish.  I am staying with a delightful local couple, Geno and Eduardo, in their large house in the north of the city. On weekday mornings I take a Spanish class and then spend the ... Read more >

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Into Namibia

NAMIBIA | Sunday, 5 Nov 2006 | Views [1158]

Last Saturday I started my three week overland tour that will take me through Namibia, Botswana to Victoria Falls. I am travelling with twenty five others on a converted lorry which has a comfortable bus like interior with large storage areas underneath ... Read more >

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Cape Town

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 28 Oct 2006 | Views [2121]

“The fairest cape in all the world” said Sir Francis Drake. With the backdrop of Table Mountain Cape Town must have one of the most distinctive profiles in the world. I have spent most of the last two weeks here, partly because there is so much ... Read more >

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SOUTH AFRICA | Sunday, 8 Oct 2006 | Views [2901]

This week I left Pretoria and took the bus to Kimberley. The bus headed down the motorway to Jo’berg, passing lots of distribution centres and multinational headquarters before reaching the leafy suburbs of North Johannesburg. Every building is heavily ... Read more >

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Pretoria - South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA | Wednesday, 4 Oct 2006 | Views [4403] | Comments [1]

After over a year in Latin America, last week I flew to South Africa to continue my trip in Africa. The plane flew via Cape Town and I got a glimpse of Table Mountain as we came into land, before heading onto Johannesburg. I decided not to stay in ... Read more >

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Forward Plans

ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 27 Sep 2006 | Views [967] | Comments [1]

For the next few months our paths will diverge; for the rest of the year we´ll each be pursuing different interests. Will is flying to South Africa to spend a month before heading up through Southern and East Africa to Tanzania.  Lou is going to stay ... Read more >

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Over the Andes to Chile

CHILE | Sunday, 17 Sep 2006 | Views [2356]

This week we crossed the Andes twice, going from Mendoza in Argentina to Santiago in Chile and back again. The snow covered mountains dominate the views in both cites and the route between them is one of the most spectacular in the world. The road ... Read more >

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Cordoba and Mendoza

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 9 Sep 2006 | Views [1148]

Cordoba, in the west of Argentina, is the second city and was settled mainly by Italians.  This heritage lives on in the food with one of the local specialities being spinach filled canneloni with cheese and leak sauce; although you are never too far ... Read more >

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URUGUAY | Tuesday, 22 Aug 2006 | Views [2137] | Comments [1]

After spending a few days in Buenos Aires we took the ferry across the River Plate to the colonial town of Colonia, on the Uruguayan side of the estuary. Colonia is a beautiful town which we had visited before on our previous trip to the region. This ... Read more >

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PARAGUAY | Wednesday, 9 Aug 2006 | Views [2209] | Comments [1]

Paraguay is a forgotten little country: sandwiched between larger neighbours, it is known - if at all - for smuggling, unpleasant former dictators, and as a place of exile for Nazis after the war. We crossed the frontier bridge from Brazil to the Paraguayan ... Read more >

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Northern Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 2 Jul 2006 | Views [1218]

After two and a half months of high mountains and bright cold weather, we have spent the last two weeks in the steamy green jungle and flatlands of Northern Bolivia.  From La Paz we took a minibus down the Death Road, descending 3500m from the Andes ... Read more >

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Lake Titicaca

BOLIVIA | Friday, 2 Jun 2006 | Views [13670]

After another trek in the Cusco area (look at the pictures under the Photo Gallery "Cusco to Lamy Trek", a fill description of this trek can be found at http://journals.worldnomads.com/will/ ) we got a bus south to Lake Titicaca, the world´s ... Read more >

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Cusco and the Sacred Valley

PERU | Monday, 8 May 2006 | Views [2798]

We´re in Cusco, which for the Incas was the “navel of the world”, the centre of their massive empire which ran from southern Colombia to northern Chile.   When the Spanish conquered   Cusco in the 16 th century they symbolically demolished the ... Read more >

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