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Photos: Baja Camping adventure

MEXICO | Sunday, 7 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

Solo Camping in the Desert of Baja
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Disneyland Check!

USA | Wednesday, 3 Sep 2014 | Views [271]

  Supercalafragalisticexpealadocious.....................and that´s all I have to say about that!! Ha only kidding. Yep I´m in America so it would really have been rude not to have done the whole Disneyland thing. It was as to be ... Read more >

Photos: Disneyland Adventure

USA | Wednesday, 3 Sep 2014 | Photo Gallery

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Ojai with Mimi and a mighty big swell!!

USA | Wednesday, 3 Sep 2014 | Views [267]

After a good nights kip in luxury at the Hilton it was time to say Adiós to all the AWT crew and after running airport shuttle for a fair few I hit the roads once again destined for the delightful little town of Ojai buried away in the vineyards ... Read more >

Photos: Ojai and Ventura County

USA | Sunday, 31 Aug 2014 | Photo Gallery

Hanging out with Mimi
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Baja AWT Windsurf Trip

USA | Friday, 29 Aug 2014 | Views [298]

  3 hot chicks.... in a van, travelling down into Baja Mexico; what could possibly go wrong?? Well.........for you to decide!! All that needs be said really is that we had an absolute whale of a time and El Presidente was the DON …...... Read more >

Photos: Baja Trips

MEXICO | Friday, 29 Aug 2014 | Photo Gallery

Punta San Carlos Event
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Hiking San Diego

USA | Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014 | Views [271]

For anyone that knows me amongst the multitude of things I like to fill my time with is hiking. I have felt somewhat deprived of this of late, I tried to hike at Laguna Beach Canyons but it was really just a canyon in amongst lots of motorways rather ... Read more >

Couch surfing success

USA | Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014 | Views [326]

As you will see from all my posts it´s not like I´ve been getting bored on my travels but I would say that after 3weeks on my todd I was starting to get a little lonely. I decided it was time to try out this couch surfing phenomenon ... Read more >

San D Suburbs Encinitas and Oceanside

USA | Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014 | Views [298]

I had to give El Presidente his own post but purchasing him was far from the only thing I got up to during my time in Encinitas. I had heard through the yogi grapevine that Encinitas was another haven for yoga plus it´s also home to 2 great ... Read more >

El Presidente

USA | Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014 | Views [482]

  Following on from my last post you should be made aware that I have indeed purchased myself a van. After a week of ownership it now goes under the name of Él Presidente´ NB this is contrary to the nickname awarded it by friends ... Read more >

Photos: San Diego week 3 and 4

USA | Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014 | Photo Gallery

San D, Encinitas and a quick stop Mexico
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Pacific Coastal Ocean Towns Huntington Beach to San Clemente

USA | Saturday, 2 Aug 2014 | Views [325]

They call San Clemente the last post or what I think they mean by this is that its the first town where you can start to relax and find some space after the craziness of LA and it´s city towns. I´ve come to understand that unlike Europe ... Read more >

Slumming it at Trestles

USA | Thursday, 31 Jul 2014 | Views [260]

Well it´s 5.30am and my first concern is to crawl out of the back undetected, pretty tough as the streets are already getting busy. By 5.50 I´m parked up on the main road running over the Interstate highway running between Marine Camp ... Read more >

Camp America aka San Onofre The Bluffs

USA | Saturday, 26 Jul 2014 | Views [277]

  Well as previously mentioned I decided to head down the coast into Orange County for some surf action. Most advice I received was that 'the' place to stay was San Onofre, so I managed to book myself in for 3nights camping at the San ... Read more >

Photos: The OC

USA | Saturday, 26 Jul 2014 | Photo Gallery

Orange County
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Adieu Santa Monica

USA | Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014 | Views [396] | Comments [2]

So it´s been a week since I left Barcelona for the wild unknown of America. I gave myself a week based in Santa Monica to get my feet under me and I've managed to achieve that and more. I chose Santa Monica because it is one of the ... Read more >

Sunday Chill day

USA | Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014 | Views [256]

Sunday as everyone knows is a day of rest. Given the cankle I decided I should heed this and relax so planned a lie in bed followed by a chill day and a really relaxing yoga class in the evening.............. I managed the lie in more or less.... Read more >

The answer is not 42 it's Brownies and wine!!

USA | Sunday, 20 Jul 2014 | Views [281]

  I woke up this morning feeling pretty bummed. I mean I do enjoy my own company and all that shit but something's really are better with someone else, like Ferris wheels on the pier, exploring new cities and restaurants at night. On top ... Read more >

Travel mares and First Impressions

USA | Saturday, 19 Jul 2014 | Views [268]

'Well wouldn´t you know it I´m still in Spain' Family update on my travel to let them know how it's going, in this instance not very well. In fact it went from totally chilled into travel chaos in the blink of an eye ... Read more >

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