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The Adventures of Whales 4 1/2 months with a newly wed couple in Southeast Asia Jan 9th 07 to May 17th 07

Trip: Southeast Asia

There are [43] stories from my trip: Southeast Asia

Gallery: Cameron Highlands

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 11 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

Cool Mountain Jungle
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Gallery: Taman Negara National Park

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 11 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

One the way there/In the Park
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Gallery: Random Pic's

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 11 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

Drawings/Funny stuff
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MALAYSIA | Monday, 5 Feb 2007 | Views [471]

  Yesterday we went to Little India, about a 6 square block of Indian clothing, spices, food, music, and colors. At an Indian restaurant we had a hot pocket pizza thing with curry sauce and a huge pitta with a flaming red colored chicken leg. It ... Read more >

Tags: Markets

Gallery: Penang

MALAYSIA | Saturday, 3 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

First Stop in Malaysia
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Into Malaysia

MALAYSIA | Saturday, 3 Feb 2007 | Views [612]

  Thats a little crab in her hand    So we have skipped a few days of writing, but that is due to the expense of the Internet at our last location and the couple of days of traveling.     In Trang we had a travel agent convince us to go to ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Gallery: Koh Lipe

THAILAND | Saturday, 3 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

White Sands
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Trang and beyond

THAILAND | Sunday, 28 Jan 2007 | Views [746]

Thailand is a beautiful country! We went hiking again through the national forest and got some sweet footage and pics of a waterfall and some wildlife. We saw a monkey and Danielle saw an elephant on one of our bus rides. The hospitality at our tree ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: Khao Sok

THAILAND | Thursday, 25 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

the Lord is good
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Khao Sok

THAILAND | Thursday, 25 Jan 2007 | Views [1918]

A few days ago we left for Phang Nga and when we arrived it wasn't what we expected so we got an incredible inexpensive room and walked through the town. Phang Nga caters more to the tourist, but not one that speaks or reads English. And the tours weren't ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Gallery: Krabi

THAILAND | Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

The Whaleys in Krabi
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Greetings from the home of the Krabi Patti

THAILAND | Monday, 22 Jan 2007 | Views [2039]

  So Danielle and I have been in Thailand for almost two weeks now and I have noticed a couple of interesting things about this foreign land.   In Thailand the caveman is not only revered for inventing the wheel, but has also is immortalized for ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

In Krabi, Thailand

THAILAND | Saturday, 20 Jan 2007 | Views [497]

Our last night at Koh Samui we walked through a market/carnival and finally came across fried cockroaches and other bugs. No we didn't eat them, but im sure some time along this trip we will. After returning the motorbike and checking out of our bungalow, ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Motorbike Mania

THAILAND | Friday, 19 Jan 2007 | Views [848]

TRY DRIVING A MOTORBIKE ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE STREET! On top of that, there's no speed limit, and 1 1/2 lanes going each way- which both cars and scooters drive on! Asians make our video games because they want us to experience what its like ... Read more >

Tags: Adrenaline

New Rendezvous

THAILAND | Thursday, 18 Jan 2007 | Views [422]

These last two days have been relaxing but uneventful and we've both got the travel bug again so we are going to head to the northwest side of the island-stay there a few days, then hop over Thailand's mainland to the west coast islands. Yesterday's ... Read more >

Tags: Philosophy of travel

what better for 2 nuts than a coconut

THAILAND | Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007 | Views [496]

Welcome to our humble a-bungalow: Yesterday, after waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, we set out on our 2 1/2 hour trek to find a cheaper, better place to stay, that we had come across on the internet. It was the first time ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Here in Koh Samui

THAILAND | Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 | Views [546]

  We spent the night in a few different busses- always an uncomfortable way to sleep. In the morning we got on a ferry which took us to Koh Samui. Now we are keeping company with some ants in a little wooden bungalow on the beach, with a little toilet ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Gallery: Koh Samui

THAILAND | Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

island pics
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Day 1 And 2

THAILAND | Friday, 12 Jan 2007 | Views [492]

Sawadtee (hello) We've been here for 2 days. The hostel we are in is a perfect starting place and the owner has been a great help. But it's funny how no matter how much great advise we get, the power of suggestion along the way can over come one's ... Read more >

Tags: Travel Tips

Gallery: Bangkok

THAILAND | Friday, 12 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

First 2 days
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