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The Adventures of Whales 4 1/2 months with a newly wed couple in Southeast Asia Jan 9th 07 to May 17th 07

Greetings from the home of the Krabi Patti

THAILAND | Monday, 22 January 2007 | Views [2045]

  So Danielle and I have been in Thailand for almost two weeks now and I have noticed a couple of interesting things about this foreign land.

  In Thailand the caveman is not only revered for inventing the wheel, but has also is immortalized for creating modern day traffic laws.

  Thai hospitality is quite different from our own. Thai's have been extremely friendly and welcoming on the way in but when it is time to leave they act as if you kicked their mangy dog and poked fun at budda. The department stores and sky trains have escalators to them, but long, steep stairs from then. Taxi drivers are all smiles when you get in the car, but when you are at the destination and it's time to pay, you're made to feel as if it would be easier for everyone if you just got back in the cab.    I dont know, mabye goodbyes are a hard thing for Thai people.

  Dealing with the Thai baht money has been interesting. Here in Thailand it's a good idea to try and haggle or check around at other places so that you make sure you're getting the best price. Yesterday, I tried to bring down this taxi drivers price 20 baht, he ended up a little pissed off and said as he drove off. "Fine! You walk!" And we did walk for another 30 mins in 98 degree rain with our backpacks on, 'til another taxi finally came by. I ended up paying the 20 baht more price, which was only an extra 50 cents, for both of us anyway.

  Budda is a big thing over here. Danielle and I go into this really fancy budda hut the other day and the whole place was painted with murals depicting the life of budda. There was also a man covered in ashes sitting inside so I asked if he could tell me the stories that go with the pictures. So he did and it goes:

   The green god, the four faced god and Pikachu (or something) got together and decided to send the humans an instructor. So after 500 years of reincarnation buddah was born a prince in India. As a baby he took his first seven steps and the lotus flower came up where he walked. In budda's 20's he decides to leave his wife, baby son and all his riches in search of knowledge (Nirvana). He starts by fasting from food and water for 6 years until the green god tells him that this is not the path. So he eats and sits around intil the 4 faced god comes and budda tells him that he is sorry for the sins of the world. Then budda reaches knowledge, and many monks come to him and he teaches them the 200 some rules to reach the knowledge. buddah goes back to see his family after 12 years and his son asks to be a monk and later gets knowledge also. There are a few more stories, then budda dies.

  To me the most unbelievable part of budda's life is that he abandons his wife and son to pursue knowledge. Even in the story its obvious that the son wants his father's acceptance badly enough to become a monk like his dad. In the buddist faith even now, if a man wishes to leave his family to pursue knowledge that is revered because the pursuit of nirvana (after death "heaven") reigns supreme. Hmmm.?.

  Lastly there is a backpackers rumor going around that in Cambodia one can buy a grenade or rocket for a bazooka and also buy a goat or cow and blow it up! Then, supposibly, the locals come and collect the remains to eat. This is not first hand knowledge, but i will ask more questions when we head up there.

  Also, I know why Asians are so snall. It's not the weak nutritional value of rice, it's the freezing cold showers they take daily. Human Shrinkage.

Love you all,


PS,  Oh! If you're ever in Thailand, every bodies doin' it , doin' it, doin' it. Pickin' their nose...right out in public 

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