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Trip: Dazzling Dubai

There are [30] stories from my trip: Dazzling Dubai

The Adventures of Lucy the Chicken

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Tuesday, 4 Oct 2011 | Views [1745] | Comments [1]

I have some lovely real friends, and twitter friends, who write wicked blogs about cooking, or attempting to cook. They work either under dire location circumstances , or under dire lack of success but full of motivation circumstances (lookin’ ... Read more >

Tags: dubai, food, omi

The next generation of travel writers

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011 | Views [1089]

I’ve been teaching my Year 8s travel writing to see out the year. It’s fun, creative, I love it and the kids really have a lot to share. I like to think that I'm contributing ot the travel world by developing the next generation of intrepid travel writers.... Read more >

Creating a whole new atmosphere

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Wednesday, 8 Jun 2011 | Views [863] | Comments [3]

In teaching, every now and then you have one of those days where it feels like it’s all worth it and that they’re actually listening. Today is one of them. I’ve fled through a stack of fifty papers in the past two days, all creative writing, and ... Read more >

On expat children in Dubai

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Saturday, 4 Jun 2011 | Views [1665] | Comments [2]

The thing that cuts me up most about my students is that they're victims of circumstance. I constantly struggle with the idea that their parents have decided to meet the commitments of work and lifestyle by jetting around the world and not allowing ... Read more >

Should Cinderella have gone to the ball?

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Wednesday, 1 Jun 2011 | Views [2218]

Not exactly travel talk, but it's all a part of the experience. Trust my students to turn a fairy tale into a discussion of rape, murder and the influence on children. I've either been with them too long and brainwashed them, or taught them too well.... Read more >

A lesson in autobiographies

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Monday, 30 May 2011 | Views [848] | Comments [2]

Here in Dubai, my students provide some of the greatest satisfaction of my lifestyle. Every day they astound me and I am constantly fascinated to learn more about their lives, histories and experiences. Most classes will have students from more than ... Read more >

Some things I'm looking forward to

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 15 May 2011 | Views [974] | Comments [2]

I’m going to be brutally honest here; I’ve got a nine-week school break coming up, and I really would love to spend it somewhere totally alien. It would be awesome. Spin the hypothetical travel bottle and plonk myself in a random country, scope it ... Read more >

What's on my bucket list?

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Wednesday, 11 May 2011 | Views [2625] | Comments [1]

At the end of 2007, I ended a long, toxic and stagnant relationship. I was young and unsure I if I could cope on my own. I had never spent long enough learning to be me; to be strong, independent and to find my own way in the world. I found strength in ... Read more >

A Dubai weekday - what's it like?

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Thursday, 5 May 2011 | Views [2278] | Comments [3]

Thinking about it, I can't really say an average working weekday in Dubai is much different from Australia, especially in terms of being a teacher. I picked a Wednesday, as we all know Wednesdays are average and boring, and this week, ... Read more >

When the lifestyle choices catch up

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Wednesday, 4 May 2011 | Views [1315]

Why you should not run a marathon and then go hiking in India reason #47. I don't really think I need to explain this one. Between my lost toenail and my second parasite in six months, I'm a worldwide collector of some of the less glamorous parts ... Read more >

A challenge? Watch me go...

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Saturday, 30 Apr 2011 | Views [1118] | Comments [3]

To the wonderful adopted Mums in my life: this was not intended for tears. Put those tissues away. Today, it has been twelve years since my Mum passed away. This year, I feel more of an impact than I did when I hit the ten year ... Read more >

Photos: Everyday Life in Dubai

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011 | Photo Gallery

Snapshots from weekends and fun stuff....
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How much can you eat in one sitting?

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Saturday, 23 Apr 2011 | Views [1371]

Brunch. Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch. That’s how I learned it when I was young. It was that kind of event that you had to skip your breakfast for - a time where I would develop from hungry to ‘hangry’, as I don’t like to be kept ... Read more >

Tags: culture, dubai, food

Everyone loves an anniversary

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Monday, 18 Apr 2011 | Views [1617] | Comments [7]

Today is an anniversary. Predominantly, it marks three years since the day I began dating the man I will spend the rest of my life with. That’s a pretty big deal, and there’s a lot more of that journey still to come, including the actual ‘getting married’ ... Read more >

Dreams of driving in Dubai

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Monday, 18 Apr 2011 | Views [1400]

At 5.20pm tonight I was chopping baby chat potatoes in my kitchen, loading up a tray with yummy vegetables to roast, and pondering the state of my daily routine.   I had already unloaded my work stuff, read the newspaper, checked my emails, ... Read more >

Tags: driving, dubai, thoughts

What I should have already read by now...

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Sunday, 13 Mar 2011 | Views [960]

From The National’s Saturday Magazine, here’s a challenging list of some of what I set out to read in the near future. I might write a little about each that I read, just so that I’m practicing what I preach when it comes to my students, by encouraging ... Read more >

Tags: dubai, reading

When is a travel blog not a travel blog?

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Saturday, 12 Mar 2011 | Views [752]

This here; this World Nomads corner of the world, is supposed to be a travel blog. One of those places filled with adventure, animosity and all kinds of amazement. It’s not always. Sometimes it quirky, sometimes it’s cool, sometimes ... Read more >

Nobody really runs a marathon on their own steam

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Friday, 21 Jan 2011 | Views [666] | Comments [3]

My motivations for tackling the marathon were all very selfish. As training continued, they grew to be more selfish; I was taking me time, I was working on my fitness, I was trimming down, I wanted to eat more cake. It was all ME, ME, ME!!! ... Read more >

No no, I'm not going to do the half...The full one.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Thursday, 20 Jan 2011 | Views [747]

Last year, about a week after moving to Dubai, the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon provided a buzzing atmosphere in the city and plenty to talk about. Having arrived jobless, goal-less and a little more on the squidgy side after a month in Thailand, ... Read more >

Photos: Kuwait Kickback

KUWAIT | Tuesday, 21 Dec 2010 | Photo Gallery

A brief pre-Christmas break in the delightfully Arab Kuwait....
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