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About princess2802

I don't have an inspirational cubicle-escape story.
I didn't sell all my things to live out of a backpack.
I don't earn my living from writing a travel blog.

I did sell all my furniture and move halfway around the world with my new fiancee. I did take the chance to be a woman living in the Middle East and now I'm traipsing around the place. I teach English at a fancy international school in Dubai, and it's a springboard, if you will. I have no firm plans for where or when I travel - I just grab every single opportunity that pops up. A little scary, but I think that's how I like it...It's all about self-discovery anyway, isn't it?

I often struggle with the fact that I am not travelling to far flung places with exotic new experiences every day. I need to remind myself that even though this little Arab nation has become so familiar and routine to me, it's still so very exotic to the rest of the world. I'm making more of an effort to immerse myself in discovering the nuances of living here, for the sake of getting me through the times between travelling to the locations I long to be in.

I have regular identity crises, trying to decide where I'm from, or where I belong. I'm an Australian passport holder, born to parents of New Zealand and Canada. My mother's parents were citizens of the world and I still find the sound of a German conversation the most soothing of childhood memories. Still, I was and raised, reared and educated a true-blue, dinky-di white Aussie who appreciates a great holiday tan. Where will I end up? Where do I belong? I suppose I just have to keep looking until I find out.

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