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Trip: Tantalising Thailand

There are [12] stories from my trip: Tantalising Thailand

Pirates & Turtles at Port Royal

THAILAND | Monday, 11 Jan 2010 | Views [592]

One last post from Andrew... Situated 2 hours north-ish of Ko Samui lies a pirate cove, hidden away through rough, charging Asian seas. A place, where only the tenacious or touristy shall venture. Be there treasure here, only yee shall know, but it be ... Read more >

A Taste of Tropical (...and the Tooth)

THAILAND | Sunday, 10 Jan 2010 | Views [598]

Another by Andrew.... At the beach, it's hot. It's VERY hot. The first day we arrived at Ko Samui, after an adventurous 6am start from the national park, was the kinda heat I expect most sane people would stay comfortably inside their air conditioned ... Read more >

Thailand: It's just a plane, train, boat, taxi, ute and bus away...

THAILAND | Thursday, 7 Jan 2010 | Views [681]

Another post from Andrew.... Before I stuck into the nitty gritty of our last few incredible days, I wanna get these two things off my chest; It's been bugging me, okay? It's just a short two points and I'll get them released quick and painlessly for ... Read more >

Photos: Southern Sojourn

THAILAND | Thursday, 31 Dec 2009 | Photo Gallery

The southern end of Thailand....beaches and basking.
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Ladyboys, Markets and Mai... Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009 | Views [2258]

A post from Andrew.... Leaving you in the middle of the jungle from my last blog was a little rude, but keeping you on the edge of excitement was my cunning plan. You see, after Bangkok madness, Hill Tribe treks and Elephant riding I wasn't sure quite ... Read more >

More Things I Learned

THAILAND | Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009 | Views [646]

Trains: Can amazingly run on time. If you're lucky. Even better if you're training past the other broken down one that left an hour before you. Sense of karma in that one after our day-long train trip. Western Food: You'll give in eventually. Comparatively ... Read more >

Other Stuff I Learned to Add to the Things and the Other Things

THAILAND | Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009 | Views [245]

Tuk tuks: Drivers are out to get green tourists. We knew how much ours was supposed to cost to get to the Chiang Mai Zoo from our hotel. They offered to take us for double. We said no way, offered them half, and they agreed. Scammers! Lane dividers ... Read more >

The First Four Days

THAILAND | Monday, 28 Dec 2009 | Views [937]

A post by Andrew.... Sa Wat Dee Krap and a whole lotta Meh ...well actually, it's Mai, but more on that later. Day one of Bangkok and all I can say is wow. Truly a whole 'nother world over here and the divide between us and them couldn't be greater.... Read more >

New Things I Have Learned Since I Last Learned Things....

THAILAND | Monday, 28 Dec 2009 | Views [526]

Saying No: In regards to those incessant tuk tuk drivers; ask your local barman how to tell them to piss off! His words were "It's a loose term, so use it very carefully"...but it's along the lines of "abide by my feet", which in ... Read more >

Photos: Chiang Mai & Northern Adventures

THAILAND | Saturday, 26 Dec 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Things I learned today

THAILAND | Wednesday, 23 Dec 2009 | Views [612]

Road rules in Bangkok: There are none. Commit to walking in front of a bus or a car, and they generally won't run over you. Motorbikes however, probably will. Very friendly people: They are not friendly. They are scammers. Mildly friendly people ... Read more >

Tags: city escapes, learning

Photos: Bangkok Banter

THAILAND | Wednesday, 23 Dec 2009 | Photo Gallery

Adventures around the Thai capital....
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