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dawesberry adventures my view of the big family adventure.

The Smell

IRELAND | Sunday, 27 Aug 2006 | Views [728] | Comments [1]

The Smell Oh, jeez! There was this smell. It started happening one day in Kerry. Mid day, hot day, we were driving on the ring of Kerry, I think. We reached a really steep bit, and we smelled a smell through the front dash air vents. At the same time, ... Read more >

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if you've read this far

IRELAND | Sunday, 27 Aug 2006 | Views [677] | Comments [3]

If you've read this far, and would like to know anything else about the trip, just leave a comment. basically, we went up to Donegal and stayed with STeve, Laoise and Caoilte, who were all delightful. I gave up playing whistle, we drove back down to ... Read more >

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what didn't happen in Galway

IRELAND | Sunday, 27 Aug 2006 | Views [596]

Well, here was the difficult week. You knew all this la dee dah couldn’t go on forever, didn’t you? Well, actually, I’m not going to tell you what happened here, really. Maybe someday, when its not as touchy. Then, you can say, what WAS it that happened ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Big Gig!!

IRELAND | Friday, 25 Aug 2006 | Views [619]

Well, Jim appeared at the door that we walked into, miraculously,cuz this place was huge with so many environments, how did it happen that he met us upon arrival? Anyway, he was keen to hang out with us a bit, but we were in a hurry to eat before the ... Read more >

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limerick dilemna

IRELAND | Friday, 25 Aug 2006 | Views [499]

I woke up that morning suddenly realizing that toMORROW was Monday, July 24. THE Monday, July 24th. The mondayjuly24th that was the start of the Achill Island Summer School, where I could be placed in a whistle class for the level that I am at! Maybe ... Read more >

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To Ennis

IRELAND | Friday, 25 Aug 2006 | Views [601]

Farewelling Seamus wasn’t very easy. I’d had a good time in Dingle, and loved being around the old language, not sure that we’d have such a music filled time as we’d had there. Plus, I reckon we’d had such gorgeous weather (one day being the hottest ... Read more >

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Gallery: marlz camera -

FRANCE | Sunday, 20 Aug 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: irish part 2

IRELAND | Tuesday, 15 Aug 2006 | Photo Gallery

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The Ashe Family

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 13 Aug 2006 | Views [1966] | Comments [4]

The Ashe Family Ok, so someone in my mom’s branch of the Kennedy Family made a very detailed family tree that shows the Family tree back to the late 1800’s to when many branches of the family had immigrated to the US from Ireland. My mom, Janetta, ... Read more >

Tags: Family

Dingle Days

IRELAND | Sunday, 13 Aug 2006 | Views [588]

So, if you haven’t noticed, the trip is being written in hindsight, as all journals are. I’m already home, but thought I’d write about some things, in case anyone wants to know, not having a chance to get it from the horse’s mouth. We texted Seamus ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: with kids in England/France

FRANCE | Wednesday, 9 Aug 2006 | Photo Gallery

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"you won't be bothered" :^)

IRELAND | Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Views [526]

Now began the honeymoon/journey for Steve and me. And whatever else: music? Dance? Drinking? Exploring? Fighting? Getting along? Selling our van? Sessions? Connecting with friends? First off, was a feed, and we found a beautiful river spot. I listened ... Read more >

Tags: life on the road

Marley left

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Views [461]

We stayed at Helen’s again , this time I was in much better form, no jet lag and really enjoyed her company. Marley’s flight was the next day, so we left pretty early for Heathrow. I drove the van for the first time as Steve helped marley in the airport.... Read more >

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FRANCE | Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Views [430]

Paris We drove the van back to Liseux and parked it at the train station for the trip to Paris. We had a few hours before the departure so we explored the nearby cathedral in honour of St. Therese of Lisieux. It was beautiful. We were enjoying ourselves ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

french country family experience

FRANCE | Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Views [697]

When we arrived, it was only Ling’s immediate family, and her parents, Marie Reine and Gilles. Oh, and two young nephews, Danilo and Marco. I’d pictured what this place would be like, in my head for years, because the Fairfax family had spent so many ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

driving into France

FRANCE | Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Views [826]

So, we left Somerset for France! We drove to Dover to catch a ferry to a nearby French port. It wasn’t very thrilling. The weather was quite grey. We arrived in the evening, and drove less than an hour til we were hungry. It was already after 9, so ... Read more >

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lost boy in glastonbury

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Views [884]

Mark & Tara’s place in Bruton is pretty close to Glastonbury, so we made a day trip there to climb the Tor. We drove the van there, with Tahli (+my family of 4), meeting Ella there after school, and Mark who was working nearby. We had some cranky moments ... Read more >

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Staying at Tara and Mark’s…

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 8 Aug 2006 | Views [525]

We stayed in Somerset with them twice, Meg stayed on a further week before departing back to oz, and we’ll stay there again just before we finally depart europe. It’s a lovely house with endless rooms for all the great lot of folks that might happen ... Read more >

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Gallery: irish stuff

IRELAND | Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

irish stuff
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grrrrrrrrrrr! lost writing

IRELAND | Monday, 24 Jul 2006 | Views [492] | Comments [2]

i just spent over an hour writing about the amazing might i had on the guest list at Sharon Shannon's concert last night. and the stupid settings on this site made me lose the inspired writing! don't ya just hate that???? the short story Sharon ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

golly gosh

IRELAND | Sunday, 23 Jul 2006 | Views [504]

dag nabbit, i just haven't had much time on computers, which is a good thing, but not good because the things just keep happening and there becomes no way i could tell ya about it all. as i type, megan is hopefully onboard her final flight from korea ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

353 86 225 8726

IRELAND | Thursday, 20 Jul 2006 | Views [1409]

thats my phone number here if anyone wants to ring me. the first bit is the ireland country code. if calling from ireland... 086 225 8726 all is good but not a lot of internet time. :^]

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Meeting up with Jen

UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 14 Jul 2006 | Views [560]

back in the early stages of this trip, i thought that I'd actually hang out with Jen and Mark (fairfax friends tho jen is from Wales). But as it neared, we realized that we'd be lucky to ring each other while on the same continent (or island). So, as ... Read more >

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Gallery: sights and Somerset

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 4 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

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in Somerset

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 4 Jul 2006 | Views [449] | Comments [2]

Forest Row was sweet, tho i was ready to go by the time we left. Then getting onto the motorway with the weekend traffic made me want to go back. Still, i had faith that the rest of England wasn't going to be like the motorway. it was hot (though not ... Read more >

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