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THAILAND | Sunday, 20 January 2013 | Views [276]

I wake up on the floor, i don't remember how i got here, and Lucas is passed out on the mat under the window- Damn rum..

We actually leave the hostel and head to Kohsan Road after Alex's friend knows of a english brekkie place. We are all so monged out on the bus- Lucas & Steve are stoned and I'm just hanging.. We must all look like zombies.. 

We get lost down the ally ways of Kohsan and I realise that I haven't been out much during the day and its actually very quaint and not as seedy as it gets like in night.. There are some cool markets, outside cafes and it reminds me of Freo.. I love it. We get brekkie and its in a little court yard where there is a massive pond of koi fish. Brekkie was ok, but the damn woman forgot my mushrooms and Erin's hashbrowns!! How daaaare she!! hahaha. After the feed the sun is just too intense so we cab it back to the hostel and hang out in the room. Everyone is packing ready to leave and its really sad.. They go up to the roof to have 1 last doobie and I head out for some food- Gona miss these guys esp Steve! :(

When I get back Lucas has gone? So I decided to go for a walk to cure my bordem. I'm walking and bump into Lucas haha, so we decided to go down to the temple where we saw the turtles on Friday and hatch a plan to steal one...

We get there, and the temple is open, at 8pm.. Its kinda creepy looking cos they've got all the mist machines blowing out over the water but its kinda cool.. I find a turtle up against the wall and find a bucket. After aaaages of both of us getting paraniod Lucas picks it up and scoops it into a bucket. It fits, but i feel automatically bad and i can feel it riggling in my bag.. We leave, sharpish.. Get over the bridge and I just can't to do it.. We walk back and put it back and we walk past monks -aaaargh we're going to hell!!! I feel better we put it back though, for sure. After that 1.5hours of debating on turtles we grab some food and its real tasty- Bless Lucas, he's never had street food, cos he doesn't know what to order, so I show him some things I learnt and he's happy as larry cos its waaaay cheaper than resturants!

We have a massive walk, MASSIVE! We get lost in this flower market!? We end up finding the pier and having a drink and a natter for agggges on the river side, it was really nice. But we're drunk and sleepy and his friend is arriving in later on that night, so we head back. 

We walk for ages trying to find a place to pee- hahaha, aggggges we walk...

We actually walk past our bus that goes outside the squat, so we grab more beers andget on the bus.

Not sure what time it is, but its pretty late. We bump into this drunk guy from Laos who was just hilarious- apparently we're a model couple and  on our honeymoon and he wants to take us up to his room for drinks? We pass and just head to the roof- I give up i think around 1am and head to bed. I feel sorry for Lucas cos he is waiting for his friend to arrive, but he has a doobie and a compfy sofa :)

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