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The islands in Thailand are not good for Lorrie

THAILAND | Tuesday, 27 November 2012 | Views [436]

.... So I left off when we were heading over from Krabi to Koh Phangan... What an adventure that was..

Ended up getting on the bus 2.5 hours late, and we were both pretty peeved off.. Go with the flow in Thailand... We are shoved in this little mini bus with no room left for us both and I was lumbered with the luggage practically sitting ontop of me.. I was thiking, ah its not going to be that bad seeing as the bus terminal is just up the road.. Wrong. We're actually travelling in this bus for 2.5 hrs to Surat Thani. Yay. Manage to get a snooze in and before we knew it we were getting dragged outta the bus, dumped with about 100 other backpackers all look rather confused. We're told we have to wait 20mins for the next bus, where on earth are we? I thought we were getting dropped off to the ferry port... After about 15min we're given stickers with Koh Phangan on them.. Some people have red ones, we have blue, what does this meaaaaan???? After about 40mins and alot of Thai's screaming at us we are hauled onto the tiniest bus possible, every motherfuc*er is running to get on this last bus, after we watched about 4 fill up and pass by- How on earth they get us all in, PLUS everyones luggage I don't know. This bus is definately made for Thai's as my ass cheek just about fits on the chair. Driving for god knows how long, we're at the ferry terminal! YAY, but its raining, again everybody is scrambling to get off the bus and onto that damn boat... Once we get on I tell *Nell that I'm keeping my bag on me, hell I am putting it in that room that god know's if I'll ever see it again... Had a snooze, munch on an entire pack of pringles. By now *Nell has woken up and we're starting to get pretty stoaked. There are some damn cute Aussies on this boat :-) Some get off at Koh Samui, and then for us it was another 20mins. It wasn't a good 20mins mind, it was quite rocky.. And I don't usually get sea sick and I felt rough.

We're off, and HAHA! Clever me and keeping my bag on me bitches, watching you fools stand in the rain looking for your bag whilst me and *Nell just walk on by, HAHA! Get in a taxi straight away, and I was very surprised it just cost us 100B. They fill us up and we're off. *Nell and I and a dude from Denmark are the last to get off, we were told "just down there, 20m" we end up walking around with out a clue where we are.. All I can say is my back hurts, there is too much fluro and already drunks on the street... We find the hostel. We've taken the Danish guy with us as he can't find his accomodation.. First impressions, am I suppost to be sleepin on a massage bed? WTF- We've walked into a shop- But no, we're taken upstairs, and there are already to girls in there- from England, and they are SOUND! They're getting ready to go out, and I'm like fuck YEH why the hell not, after all that I need a few pints..

End up getting a few buckets in and we set off to the beach.


PARTYYYY!!! It was just wild. WILD. God knows how many buckets we consume, and how long we danced for, but it was fucking quality. Us girls were having it. Dancing, singing, playing musical chairs, which i won- Got me a free bucket. Bumped into people from the hostel in Krabi, getting loose.

Somehow I loose my jandles, so does *Maddie. Who cares, I'm loose and I'm gona party till the mother fuckin sun comes up bitches! This is KOH PHANGAN!

Rock in at 7am apparently, at a friends apartment. Minus my jandles-soggy shorts from swimmin in the sea and a sore foot from probably stepping on glass. We just sleep all day, and winge about how someone needs to get food. Checking out last night photos, is hilarious.

Should actually go home some times and stop drinking, but no. Eventually we decided to get up and get a feed.. afterwards I'm thinking, CHOICE, early night, film, maybe a spoon from *Maddie or *Nell...


"Oh Lorrie! We're getting ready to go out to the jungle party, we've tried calling you, are you coming?" At this point i think my head is just wanting to fall off and roll into the gutter. But hey hoe, I'm here to party, why not. I think after about 1hr of trying on everything I own that ISN'T wet we set off, I'm necking as many vodka red bull buckets as I possibly can to wake myself up. We end up getting a cab with a few others and we rock up and its pumping, and its really in the jungle!!! 300B though, riiiiiiiip. We dance and dance, and shimmy some more, I think I even end up part taking in reconstructing a pyramid.. Why?!

Home time. Rock in and once we arrive at the beach I'm thinking, hell no! I'm gona munch on as much chicken as possible, and go dance my ass off down at the beach bar- leave those saps to go sleep.

Again, Why did i do this. Rock in at god knows what time, and YEP, soggy shorts from swimming in the sea, totally drenched as its always raining here, and meet a friend who then decidedes he wants to get back to his hostel, but not before he tries and steals/wears all our clothes.. and waking the entire dorm up- We had a giggle, and got him in a cab..

I swear by this morning (the actual day of the full moon- Wednesday) I have hardly slept, gotten all my clothes wet, lost my soul somewhere that I can't remember, and its not the actual FULL BLOODY MOON. We gather up and head down to this greasy spoon i found the other morning. Total English fry up, the works, even hash browns. This'll get me ready. \

Right, I'm having a snooze, and that a shop to get myself kitted out to look like a twit in fluro.

After waking up I go to the toilet, come back and notice that 2 people have checked in.. AND A BROKEN COMPUTER!!! WTF- The maid had come in, taken my towel from off my bed (which is the top bunk) and with that my brand new kindle fire that was ontop of it had smashed on the floor, and she has just ran off... Fuming I get into reception and tell them that this had to be paid for. But apparently in Thailand, I have to sell it to them for the full price, haha, I think not, this is all I've got seeing as my mac still won't work, and I need it for work- even though it is tiny and touch screen... After getting nowhere I tell them that we'll talk about it tomorrow, its time to get ready and get a drink down my neck before I kill someone. haha.

I am so amazed that the girls and I are ready before 9pm. *Nell's new name is now Geoffory/Geoff, but she's off having a dinner with the Dannish guy- VOM, couple corner... Actually its kinda cute, but the other 2 girls and I are just not into that, not on Koh Phangan anyway... We get ourselves dolled up, glitter, UV paint, the works. As we're waiting for the lover birds to get back the girls and I are well entertained by THE drunkest girl I've ever layed eyes on, who's swaying off the balcany opposite, been there for hours, and some guy grinding on the back of her... loose mother fuc*ers, and its not even midnight. Finally we set off- Well usually a 5min walk takes us about 1hr, its heaving with people, and everyone in the group just wonders off every 5mins to look at something. We walk up and down the beach- Banging music, drum and bass, Psy trance, awesome reggaee and we found fire jump road, AVOIDAVOIDAVOID... wet slide AVOIDAVOIDAVOID, I do not need another injury to add to the collection.. And we are just getting loooooooooooooooooooooooose! Dancing, grinding the night away.

Geeze, the girls are I loose the others, we are loose, talking lovey dovey shit, and being grabbed by too many people and we are all tiered. We eat between 3 of us about 4 chickens and fall into food comas. I say to them. Oi, all we need is a power nap. Then if we still feel we wana go to bed, we'll go to bed.

So, we have a power nap, on someones porch (near the beach) on a table cloth. We wake up, bitten to shit by mossies and we are just so drunk and sleepy we wander home. I am offically partyed out. Not even mushie shakes could interest me at this point. I have drunk too much.

Wake up feeling not to shabby for the first time in 4days, awesome. Maybe apart from the fact that I'm soaked from the air con leaking and we've slept topless cos it was too hot. Damn it- Decided to have a shower. No water. I have yesterdays face on, fluro cats face, glitter and bed head and I can't do anything about it. I look like a mess. But i really don't care. I am too damn over the stress of the hostel and just wana get back to normality. Party island is over. done. dusted. get me back to the mainland.

We have one last family brekkie inc one of the English guys that checked in late Wednesday and Geoff and I go on a venture to get boat tickets off this island. I wanted to go to Koh Phi Phi, just for a little relax, but there doesn't seem much point, and I decided to night boat it to Krabi so I can get a bus to Phattalung where my job is, and where I'm suppost to meet my boss on saturday. Geoff decides to head back to Phuket- both of us on the night boat- apparently you get beds, so its not all bad.

After walking around and trying to sort out my money for the computer the water is finally back on, I can stop walking around like dog with yesterdays face still smudge on and UV paint everywhere, no wonder the woman couldn't take me seriously- Managed to get a little back for the brakeage, not happy about the amount, but at least i got something. I just say it best be enough to fix it, if not, she's footing the bill. After having shower, we as our little fam head down to the beach to watch the sun set on our last night together. It was lush, had a little swim, sat on a crab and had a family feed. Geoff and Danish have a yucky fair well and we set off after lots of sad goodbyes to the girls.

After waiting around and hour for the taxi to the ferry, we arrive. It doesn't look full. WRONG. I think its hilarious, but Geoff being a bit of a princess is obviously not impressed. We're like sheep, all squished together. People who had got there first had snagged a mat to lye on or better still a little bed, all in rows, and it looks like everyone is spooning one another tonight.. yeeow. Lucky for us there is a random bed, just no one on it, I'm like, yep, you and me Geoff.. Ours. The guy in the space next to us was not happy and said "these are for people with ticket numbers" my responce, "mate does it look like anyone here follows rules..." Not a happy chappy, but come on duuuuude, noone in Thailand follows rules and besides I'm not going to kick someone out of my space that was obviously taken, and its no one's fault they've over booked it. You can't even stand up in the deck. Some poor people had to sleep ontop of scooters that were part of the cargo- I drop a valium, stuff my ear plugs in and let the boat rock me to sleep- it was actually quite nice :-)

We get off, shoved onto seperate coaches and didn't get the chance to say good bye..

After 30mins, we're reunited at another coach terminal. I scoff Ice cream, pringles and a packet of oreos for brekkie- Geoff is not impressed that I can eat ice creams and crisps at 6am... After a proper good bye we get on our coaches, and we head off. I miss her already, its not the same, and I realise that was the last white person contact I'll properly have till the NY. I get to Krabi at a good time, check into the same hostel and have a snooze, its so quite.. blissful. After a snooze i hire out a scoot for the day and attempt to get to Ao Nang and Railay beach. After about an hour, its PISSES down with rain, WHY. WHY? All my clothes are wet, and this is my last day of freedom before school. Never mind, it was still nice to get out and got for a drive.

Good bye to backpacking for a month or two, and hello ADJAN LORRIE!!!!!!

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