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Loza's Travels his is it! I am finally getting my chance to travel the land of Europe! Starting with Turkey and the Greek Islands including ANZAC day at Gallipoli before making my way to work in London. Then hopefully earning some money to fund more travel experience

The Greek Islands

GREECE | Sunday, 6 May 2007 | Views [1281] | Comments [1]

So time to take the pace a little slower... lets head to the Greek Islands for some sun and fun! I warn you it will be a long story as was a great week in the Greek Islands!

Sunday 29th April - Travelling to Mykonos

Ferry from Kusadasi to greek island of Samos in morning then had to wait all day before next ferry to Mykonos. Hung out with Mel, Matt and Luke and went to a little beach with a bottle of wine for the afternoon. Beautiful setting, great way to kill a few hours. Evening ferry to Mykonos and met some more Aussies - the lovely Jas and Shelly. Few beers on the boat and we all shared our travels stories so far. Had an amazing sunset on board, just a taste of whats to come i hope. Arrived Mykonos 11 pm and played all the hotel touts off against each other, as by this stage there was a group of 13 Aussies so got a great deal.

Monday 30th April - Mykonos

Walked down to paradise beach and this is the life, lying on the beach just watching the world go by. Had our home made salami and cheese sandwiches as now paying out in Euros. Can just imaging this place in full swing in Summer but for now it was ours with about 20 others. Back at hotel in evening and the boys cooked dinner, and new friends came round for pre-drinks around our fantastic empty water feature! Headed down to the old port and had a great night out dancing to some random songs. Night didn't end so well as one of our group thought a visit to the local hospital was in order after cutting his hand open, requiring some stitches... He's all good now so no harm done!

Tuesday 1st May - Mykonos to Santorini

Checked out and hung around the old port waiting for ferry to Santorini so played on internet for a few hours. Got to chat to Mum and Dad on Skype so we could both see each other as well such a good invention these computers and internet, felt like i wasn't half way around the world. Was a rainy day but who cares as was a travel day. Got to Santorini and found a room and had an early night hoping the weather was going to be better tomorrow.

Wednesday 2nd May (Happy Birthday DAD) Santorini

Hired a car today with Mel and Matt a little Getz that Mel drove like a pro! Drove up to the little town of Oia at the top of the Island. Just stunning up there, a little port down the bottom and then the town perched upon the cliff-top and the view from up there. The caldera-antient volcano crater that forms part of the island, the blue water, cute little white-washed buildings, the cobbled stoned alleyways, Just like all the pictures i had in my head!!!! Time now to explore the rest of this island. Drove all the way down to the other end where there was a lighthouse and endless views out over the water. Little more island exploring and we decided to head down to the beach along a little goat track and we were very very lucky the Getz made it down and back up aain to the main road with only one helping push! Now gettingnear the end of the day so time to head back to Oia to watch the world famous sunset. Wandered around looking for somewhere for the best view and ended up sitting on some steps with the random stray dogs of the island! Bottle of local wine and a souvalaki to watch the sun set over the caldera and surrounded by the picturess whitewash buildings. Took around 1/2 hour and was the best backpackers way to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

Thursday 3rd May Santorini to Ios

Awoke to wonderful weather so walked into the port at Fira, down one hundred steps to catch a boat cruise out to the volcano an dsome hot springs. The boat was one of those old pirate looking ones. Walked up an active volcano which was in parts still smoking! Back to pirate ship and headed off to the hot springs only problem the boat couldn't get all that close to them so had to swim in the icy, 15degree ocean for about 100 metres to get to these not so hot springs! Was a very refreshing swim to say the least. Back at the port Elisha and I were humming and harring about when to head to Ios and looking up some ferry times when we decided that it we will be on the next ferry in 45 minutes! Can we make it... hussle back to the hotel and make the taxi wait and tell him to DRIVE, and after a few skids (don't think the driver knew how to handle his car) we made it to the port with 10minutes to spare. So got cocky and thought we'd have time for a kebab for lunch but they took ages and boat was already unloaded and starting to board everyone, had to run and cursing my bloody heavy bag, long story short we made it! Off to Ios the party Island, stayed at the Far Out Resort on the beach. Had a cocktail to settle in then headed out into the town was a good night and ended up at flames for those who know it!

Friday 4th May

Slow to get up... time for some R'n'R on the beach and by the pool. Worked on tan, read a little, it was a tough day. Went to a little shop along the beach that had a sign saying "yes we have everything" so asked if they had internet, nope so he let me use his computer so that his sign was accurate! Organised our ferries back to Turkey and took a big blow to the wallet, bloody euros. Another night on the town with our bunch of random travellers!

Saturday 5th May Ios back to Turkey

Time to move again, 12:30 ferry from Ios to Mykonos, fast ferry so there in no time and now we have 12 hours to kill before our overnight ferry to Samos at 2am! Left bags at travel shop and went for a walk around the old port, lovely cobbled stoned alleyways and lots of tourist shops. Found a little Greek restaurant on the edge of a square so could watch the goings on and finally ordered my calamari for dinner. Really tried to drag out dinner even ordered entree but was all finished in hour and a half, still 7 hours to kill. Walked around a bit more, had to collect packs at 10pm so went and lobbed in a cafe and had a hot chocolate and waited some more! Very very bored, hopped on net again and sorry to all those who got some random e-mails! Finally tiem to get a taxi to new port and wait for our ferry, Everyone on ferry all sprawled on the floor, so found our own floor space and out like a light as soon as the ferry lstarted to move!

Sunday 6th May back to Kusadasi

9am ferry from Samos to Kusadasi, 24 hours on boats and in transit, absoutely knackered! Then trying to get through customs at Turkey got hassled by this bloody corrupt official, so tired i was ready to fight or curl up in the fetal position, just let us in so we can go to bed!
Finally get up to the dorm room at Stellas and tiem for an 11 o'clock nap wasted the day but had dinner with new travel mates Timeka and Julie.

Well that was the Greek Islands... highly reccommend them beautiful!

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I'm new to this website and must admit, it looks awesome. It's a great idea especially as I will be travelling to Europe soon so it's really cool to read about other people's experiences.

Loza3210, it looks and sounds like you had an awesome time in Turkey/Greece. Alot of the stuff you did, I will be doing soon too and reading about it makes me feel like I'm about to pee my pants with excitment. :)

I was wondering if you could help me out with a little question I have. We too will be going from Kusadasi to Mykonos by Ferry. I was wondering, should we just rock up to Kusadasi and get a ferry to Samos then Mykonos or is it something I have to organise before I leave OZ?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  JL Mar 6, 2008 12:14 PM



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