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tales from the bus... La Paz to Cusco

PERU | Sunday, 5 Mar 2006 | Views [4222] | Comments [1]

8am board the Litoral bus to Cusco. tons of leg room, double decker. I´m on the top. Unlike the city, the bus station in la paz is highly organized and calm. 8:30 bought a newspaper, La Razon... includes articles about Bush´s attempt to play cricket, ... Read more >

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BOLIVIA | Friday, 3 Mar 2006 | Views [1049]

Needing a repreive from La Paz, and the 4 incessant days of water balloons, spray foam, and all around chaos.. we decided to take a trip to Sorata, a beautiful small town set amongst gorgeous greeen hills under the looming presence of Mt Llampu. Its ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Carnaval Oruro

BOLIVIA | Monday, 27 Feb 2006 | Views [11545] | Comments [2]

So, after missing all the other Carnaval celebrations in Ecuador and Peru, by what seemed like a a few days.. we decided to make the serious effort to hightail it through Peru to make it to Bolivia for the Carnaval celebrations in Oruro ( http://www.... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: La Paz

BOLIVIA | Monday, 27 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

around the highest capital city in the world
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Gallery: Around Lago Titikaka

PERU | Monday, 27 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

Llachon (peru, near Puno, Copacabana (bolivia), Isla del Sol (bolivia)
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Gallery: Carnaval Oruro, Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Monday, 27 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

carnaval madness, Oruro, Bolivia
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La Paz es loco!

BOLIVIA | Saturday, 25 Feb 2006 | Views [1346]

What a city!! We arrived in La Paz via the ¨¨sea of the love¨ bus in copacabana. Boarding the 1:30 bus at 2pm we got the last, but best seats in the house, right next to the driver up front, on the other side of the glass... luckily they drive with more ... Read more >

Tags: Adrenaline

Dependencia Sexual

BOLIVIA | Saturday, 25 Feb 2006 | Views [981]

Now that I have your attention... okay so thursday night I am walking in this neighborhood, sopacachi,  and pass the alianza francesa.. they have a big display about upcoming movies, etc.. I pick up a flyer, start to read through it, and recognize ... Read more >

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Lago Titicaca

PERU | Saturday, 25 Feb 2006 | Views [1049]

  This was a schizo travel day. We sucked up the money, best spent $125 and took a flight from Lima to Juliaca (near lake titicaca), via Arequita. 2 hours versus 24 on bus. It was worth it. So we leave the coast at 6am and arrive in Juliaca, greeted ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Gallery: northern peru & Lima

PERU | Saturday, 25 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

the desert of northern peru... and lima.. and the beach
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PERU | Monday, 20 Feb 2006 | Views [755] | Comments [2]

coming soon.. .lima gets a bad rep, but I wish I could stay longer. the smog was much worse in quito (barley noticed it here). We stayed in Miraflores, a nice neighborhood, with oodles of mouth watering food choices... 25 mins from the center of down.... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Peru... we made it

PERU | Friday, 17 Feb 2006 | Views [822]

--sorry to short change Peru on the write up, but I cant type anymore right now--- Crossed the border, and we have been cruising down the coast of Peru for a few days now. northern peru: dry desert, shantytowns, hot, humid, depressing, poor... very ... Read more >

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Gallery: la finca

ECUADOR | Thursday, 16 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

the farm
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la finca, Never Never Land

ECUADOR | Tuesday, 14 Feb 2006 | Views [8554] | Comments [11]

I have a novel to write about the week I just spent on the farm outside of Vilcabamba. I found it through WWOOF (worldwide organization of organic farms), and we decided to spend a week there. Vilcamba is in the south of Ecuador, 1 hour by airstream-... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors


ECUADOR | Thursday, 2 Feb 2006 | Views [1352] | Comments [1]

Cuenca is beautiful. The most beautiful city in Ecuador, I would venture to say. Very well maintained colonial buildings, situated in an easy to walk downtown... the river seperates the old city from the newer section. Redtiled roofs, cobblestone streets.... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Gallery: cuenca

ECUADOR | Thursday, 2 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Riobamba

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

Riobamba, a nice place
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ECUADOR | Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Views [2308]

Decided to spend the night in Riobamba after Baños, before heading to Cuenca. Nice town. Hot shower with free fruity shampoo. Lots of families, mostly indigenous folks. no gringos! Best Pizza I ate so far in Ecuador! I walked the whole town in a ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road


ECUADOR | Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Views [908]

From Tena, we headed 4 hours (5 with the delay in the tunnel) to Baños, so named because of the natural hot springs in town... Everyone in Quito loves this town. It´s easy to see why. It´s very charming, colorful, and everyone is on vacation. Happy ... Read more >

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Gallery: banos

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

Banos, the town everyone loves to love
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