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Dependencia Sexual

BOLIVIA | Saturday, 25 February 2006 | Views [984]

Now that I have your attention...

okay so thursday night I am walking in this neighborhood, sopacachi,  and pass the alianza francesa.. they have a big display about upcoming movies, etc.. I pick up a flyer, start to read through it, and recognize the name, Rodrigo Bellot. He was a film student at IC a year ahead of me, maybe 2, but we had a few classes together. I remember he was from Bolivia, but I didnt know where exactly. Even back then, he was on the ball, shaking things up with his work, controversial, always interested in sexuality. So, tomorrow night I read that his film that was completed in 2003 is playing in town...

It´s Friday night, just got out of the movie, and I think my hands are trembling because it was such a strange experience. The film was shot double screen the whole time. The first half takes place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (his home town) and it follows a young girls experiences with her first sexual encounter... and a group of guys also, experimenting, being upper class 17 year olds, making trouble. The second half takes place at Ithaca College, where one of the Bolivian´s goes to school. It shows his difficulty communicating and getting settled. He gets shown to his dorm and there are a group of guys playing playstation, I recognize all of them. The film continues following a black students experiences (a woman I also recognize) and on and on. Half the football team, lots of theater folks, and just shots of the campus, gym, etc... I dont think this is really going to be interesting to anyone expect me, and other Park students (of which I dont keep in touch with). But it was a real trip to be sitting in a theater in La Paz, with about 100 other people, watching these stories unfold.. stories that were being constructed while I was there, and remember discussion of... very impressive.

I guess his next film is about soccer... I need to get on the google train and get in touch. Im curious where he is at, and what he is up to... but probably the most promising ithaca grad on the scene. If the school didnt look like such a frat drinking, gay bashing, strange place, it would be good publicity.


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