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TANZANIA | Sunday, 27 June 2010 | Views [1185]

i usually plan these journals but this is on the fly as i im in a rush with this new job ive picked up.

moshi town is amazing. i have been able to walk freely amongst kili's hills , watch wonderful waterfalls drip from her rocky surface and lounge with local maasai and chagga tribes as i suck in the freshest mountain air.locals here are amazing. i can get to volunteering at the street childrens home if i walk steady for an hour. however i often find an extra half hour added as many locals must practice their english by greeting and even escorting me a few kilometers along the way...or on the better side, they teach me new swahili. ive been able to understand the language a lot more than in kenya however speaking it is very ungramatically correct and rather broken...but they appreciate the effort.

i started vol work by teaching simple art projects with the street children who find a classroom to difficult to learn in for extended periods. i was not so challenged as it seemed quite natural to share what i love with you, and honestly these kids age 6-18 have more skills with art than i have ever seen in america. they can duplicate anything they see onto paper and the things they build out of scrap metals and recycled goods is incredible. recently i bought a large amount of supplies for creating beaded art like maasai fashion. the kids started to create and even were able to sell nearly 50dollars in that same day. i thought i would have given them direction on design and such however i found that what they threw together was better than i could have ever suggested. they have a keen mind when it comes to hands on skill verse book knowledge. the procedes will go to food stuff and school fees.

i also just recieved a large donation from a brother back home is an artists wanting to aid africa. much of his art is design after issues of africa and when he was able to afford some extra cash he graciously donated money for the projects here and i am now able to provide materials for the start up of the beading program for street children in tanzania, the woven bag materials for the congolese refugees in kenya, and the start up of maasai beading and other arts with the kin initiative house children in uganda.

its amazing the therapy that art creates for the broken hearts while allowing a sustainable reality to exist for their future. thankyou to all who are creating art each day as i know the happier we all are as individuals, the better the world will be as a whole.

each weekend we head out in a mass of nearly 20 people where we jump into the club that is outlandishly lit and keenly decorated. the dance floor is consumed by people dancing like ive never seen before. crazy wild and carefree, a state of mind i always desire to stay in. foam shoots from above while bubble and fog blast from the sides. music with african beats blast in for a few hours as everyone join in to to the africa version of the electric slide. later the house turns on and we see the commotion of strobes and headbanging but in an african style...very interesting and dare i say sexy combo haha! but the best part is, dancing is just dancing here so brother and siter alike hit the floor for a few minutes of up close swaying. you can even see men holding hands sereranading one another, its hott!

dala dalas are nissan mini busses the equivalent of the kenyan matatu and man they are even crazy but with more politeness. its a 15 passenger bus which is never below that number. one day there was 30 or more i couldnt see exactly. men on the back bumpers held tight while a womans leggs stayed outside as we held her body in...what people will do for a ride. once while walking i near was hit as the door that the conductor was actually just holding, slipped from his hand feet from me...they pulled over picked the door up and continued hakuna matata.... TIA this is africa

i recently moved into the other hostel here in moshi town. i began as a couch surfer in a hostel around the corner but with the completed building for the new hostel, i was able to transfer into a situation of pure bliss. we have an amazing facility that i now the ability to help with upkeep. i go out and purchase all the food stuffs for the house from the hostel fees. each week i travel to the sokoni (market) where i meet my local friendly mama named tina who nearly died to find out our names rhyme. each session she loads me up with kilos of veg and fruits and grains all fresh and local. i have to purchase enough for 25 people. with these items we have our professional chef each night who serves us a 2-3 course meal....i feel spoiled and i know i would never expect this luxury but i have to admit how wonderful a healthy meal made for hours is each night. i feel great and love the structure of the family that is now built in this new hostel.

i will be travelling to a remot island called pangani in a week or so then straight to mobassa kenya then straight to kampala uganda. this means ill have to buy 3visas in month. i should be back around september end and i am looking forward to jumping right back into work with the kiddos as i attempt to save money and raise funds for a return to uganda with volunteers who can work in our orphanage. i would also like to establish a connection for people to explore this part of the continet as i love sharing the beauty i have found.

i plan on returning to moshi as i have found it to be completely welcoming and full of exciting activities not to mention the beautiful scenary. if i have it my way i will soon have citizenship, return to create a massage therapy biz where profits return to community developement and also i would love to open the healthy stop shop where people can eat smoothies, medicinal juices, salads, and raw foods like the avocado ice cream ive been sharing with people. dreams and wishes....

world cup has actually caught my eye. now ghana has luckily kicked americas ass and remainded the only african team still thriving which the continent seems to be cheering for. i hear the voo voo zellas screech each night as i can always know when an african team has just scored. i will hopefully be on mombassa island for a beach party finale....we will see

in a rush but for amani na upendo to all (peace and love)

sister kena achieng

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